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Xiaomi Sound presented: the most premium smart speaker with integrated UWB technology

In addition to releasing new products such as the Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 , Xiaomi TV Master 77 ″ OLED, the Chinese brand has also launched a brand new product from the smart speaker category - the Xiaomi Sound.

Xiaomi Sound presented: the most premium smart speaker with integrated UWB technology

Xiaomi Sound

Xiaomi Sound is Xiaomi's new attempt to innovate in the speaker sector. As Xiaomi's first high-end smart speaker, it has high-level tuning with HARMAN standard and Hi-Res Audio certification, as well as offering a better listening experience thanks to the innovative audio algorithm.

The speaker also adopts a new design language in appearance, with a circular transparent body material, two colors silver and black, a floating touch top cover, 360-degree omnidirectional sound and the first UWB connection technology to realize a music transmission from your smartphone. It also supports intercom function for the whole family.

Xiaomi Sound

The huge leap and improvement in sound quality is one of the most distinguishing features of Xiaomi Sound as “Xiaomi's first high-end smart speaker”.

The HARMAN Golden Ear team, famous all over the world for its tuning technology, brings its high-level tuning standard to the Xiaomi Sound. At the same time, it also got Hi-Res Audio high resolution certification, another very important international standard, so that you can get better lossless sound quality than CD, so that every melody, every sound is perfectly restored.

In terms of acoustic configuration, the Xiaomi Sound is equipped with a 2,25 inch neodymium iron boron magnetic circuit dual frequency unit, a sound pressure of up to 90 dB, a 54mm × passive double suspension speaker 44mm and a full low frequency of 70Hz, making it compact.

Xiaomi Sound also added computational audio technology for the first time. Real-time dynamic tuning can perform dynamic calculations 330 times per second, so that each piece of music has its own optimization. While the innovative “Nightingale Algorithm” can dynamically adjust the high, medium and low frequencies at all volume levels, making it possible to listen to music at a lower volume at night, while always achieving full sound quality.

In addition, the Xiaomi Sound supports two smart combinations, so that it can be transformed into stereo speakers. They can also be paired with multiple units for playing throughout the house. In terms of content, Xiaomi Sound has a true lossless music library integrated by QQ, as well as huge audio content such as Himalaya, Dragonfly FM and Go, to never get bored.

From the point of view of the external appearance, the Xiaomi Sound has adopted a completely different design from the previous products in the category. It comes in two colors of silver and black, both of which are made from transparent circular material. The movable touch top cover and integrated sound guide cone design are both beautiful and functional. The 360-degree sound is omnidirectional and can be transmitted in any direction.

In terms of intelligence, the Xiaomi Sound is equipped with the industry-leading UWB connection technology for the first time. When the smartphone is close to the top of the speaker, the music can be streamed to the speaker and the music can be re-transmitted to the smartphone when it is close again. Through the Mi Magic Broadcast function, under the same WiFi, through the control center of the smartphone you can choose to play the audio on the speaker or or you can choose to play it simultaneously on both devices. Xiaomi Sound also supports Bluetooth 5.2 technology to meet the playback needs of multiple devices.

Xiaomi Sound

Like any self-respecting high-end smart speaker, the Xiaomi Sound comes with the integrated Xiao Ai assistant, which supports continuous dialogue and more concise one-sentence instructions. At the same time, through voice control devices and Bluetooth Mesh network connection, it can control more than 351 million smart devices, helping users to achieve smart life around the home.

The official price of the Xiaomi Sound is 499 yuan, about 66 euros at the current exchange rate.

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2 years ago

Harman c'est pas une rules ma un fabricant de matériel audio (Harman Kardon, here appartient a désormais à Samsung. Super que Xiaomi ait collaboré avec cette excellente marque!

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