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ZTE S3003: where are the cameras ended?

You know how the Chinese company was previously called ZTE? It was accurately titled 中兴 半导体 有限公司. I'm sure, even now you don't know what it was called in the past. Let's not get around to it, the company was previously called Zhongxing Semiconductor Co. Ltd.

La ZTE is a Chinese company based in Shenzhen which designs and manufactures telecommunication devices and systems since 1985. From 2009 has become the third largest seller of GSM devices in the world. But today we are not here to analyze the details of this company. Today we will talk about the ZTE S3003, certified by TEENA. In the photos below, there is a peculiarity "present”In this future terminal. Which? There is no camera in the terminal.


ZTE S3003

ZTE S3003 ZTE S3003


Surely many of you will ask the reason for this choice. It may have been made to lower prices, but how much more a camera would add to the cost of a device entry-level? The difference could be $10 (About €8). From the beginning of the craze for the Selfie it's really hard to find someone who has never used the camera on their smartphone.

ZTE S3003

Lo ZTE S3003 has a display from 5 inches with a resolution of 720 × 1280 (HD). It is equipped with a CPU Quad-Core with clock to 1,5 GHz,, with 1GB RAM e 8GB of internal memory. The device is not the usual "brick"Economic, in fact, measure 7,4 millimeters thick and weighs only 117g. The handset supports connectivity TD-LTE.

ZTE S3003

Regarding the lack of camera, I personally, I think exactly what the saying goes: who saves ... waste! And you?



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