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Amazon updates the design of Alexa: it is now Google Home style

Amazon has launched a revamped version of its app Alexa for Android and iOS, presentando a completely new design with additional functions. This update includes a section “Add to Favourite” customizable, Checks rapid for smart home devices, live camera previews, and a new shortcut bar. Here's all the news.

The Alexa app gets a new look: here are all the new features for Android and iOS

Amazon recently unveiled an update to the Alexa app, introducing an aesthetic reminiscent of vnext to that of the Google Home app. The new interface offers users a “Add to Favourite” customizable on the homepage, allowing quick access to smart home devices and providing live camera previews. This feature is particularly useful for those who want immediate and intuitive control of their devices.

Additionally, Amazon introduced the “Home Shortcuts“, which allows you to customize shopping lists, alarms, routines and much more. The user can organize devices by category and view the status of connected devices directly from the shortcut bar, such as the number of lights turned on or the temperature of the living room.

map views by alexa on ios
Map View by Alexa on iOS

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The app also includes a “devices“, where you can view all connected smart home devices, filter them quickly and group them by rooms, such as the bedroom or kitchen. Another notable feature is the pButton dedicated to Alexa and the return of functions such as “Map View“, which shows the devices in the house plan, although this function is currently only available on iOS.

The redesigned Alexa app is now available for both Android and iOS, marking a significant step towards simplifying the management of a smart home. However, a distinctive element of Amazon compared to Google the insertion of advertising in the app remains, in particular in the "Other“, where Amazon products are highlighted.

This aspect, unfortunately, is the price to pay for Amazon products that don't cost much. It is worth mentioning that many users are complaining about the automatic full-screen ads on Fire TV Sticks.


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