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Zepp Pay: contactless payments on Amazfit are reality

Zepp Health recently announced, together with the smartwatch Amazfit Balance, something new that could change the way we pay. Let's talk about Zepp Pay, a contactless payment function that will be integrated into Amazfit smartwatches. This function is made possible thanks to a partnership between Amazfit and Mastercard, a leading global payments technology company.

A new way to pay

Zepp Pay is not only a further step forward in the world of smartwatches, but also represents a significant innovation in the digital payments sector. Thanks to this feature, users can now make purchases securely directly from their Amazfit smartwatch, linking your bank account and credit cards to the Curve app, an all-in-one digital wallet and platform accepted in 31 countries across the European Union and the UK.

amazfit zepp pay

Banks participating in Zepp Pay by Amazfit

In Italy they are 8 participating banks to Zepp Pay by Amazfit:

  • Banca Sella SpA
  • Bibanca SpA
  • Cassa Centrale Banca - Cooperative Credit of the North East SpA
  • Findomestic Banca SpA
  • Intesa Sanpaolo SpA
  • Master Red Europe SL
  • Monavate Limited
  • Nexi Payments SpA

Zepp Pay setup guide

Setting up Zepp Pay on our Amazfit smartwatch is a quick and easy process. Here's how to do it:

  1. let's download the Zepp app: first you need to download the Zepp app from Google Play Store or from ourApp Store from Apple
  2. Let's log in or create an account: log in with your Zepp account or, if you don't have one, create a new one
  3. let's go to the section Profile: once logged in, go to the “Profile” in the app.
  4. let's add our smartwatch: we select “Add device” and we follow the instructions to connect our Amazfit smartwatch
  5. we enable Zepp Pay: in the section "Zepp Pay” of the menu of our smartwatch, we activate the function
  6. we add payment cards: we can associate up to 8 payment cards by following the instructions
  7. we confirm the authorizations: we confirm all the necessary authorizations to allow payments via Zepp Pay

Now all you have to do is pay via the app. In any case on Official site there are all the indications with photos step by step. Zepp Pay is not only a convenient way to make payments, it is also a safe and reliable system. Partnering with Mastercard ensures that all transactions are safe and secure, eliminating the need to carry cash or cards on the go. Plus, integrating with the Curve app gives you added benefits, like the ability to receive exclusive discounts and personalized offers.

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