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Here's how Amazon's new AI revolutionizes advertising with captivating images

Driven by the need to improve user engagement and ad performance, Amazon has recently launched a new solution that promises to eliminate creative barriers for advertisers by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and image generation. Here are all the details and when you can use it.

A leap forward in digital advertising

Over the past two decades, data science, analytics and artificial intelligence have driven significant advances in the efficiency of digital advertising. Despite this progress, research conducted by Amazon in March 2023 revealed that 75% of advertisers who failed to create successful campaigns cited Creating advertising content and choosing a creative format as their biggest challenges.

Amazon at the service of advertisers

To address these challenges, amazon ads has launched a beta solution for image generation, using generative AI technology. This solution is designed for help advertisers produce images that improve the performance of their ads. For example, an advertiser might have single images of their product on a white background, such as a toaster.

When the same toaster is placed in a lifestyle context – on a kitchen counter, next to a croissant – in an ad, the Click-through rates can be 40% higher than ads with standard product images.

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How it works

Advertisers, through the Amazon Ads console, they simply select their product and click Generates, with the tool leveraging generative AI to provide a set of images based on product details, in seconds. The image can then be refined by inserting short text prompts, while you can quickly create and test different versions to optimize performance.

The benefits for advertisers on Amazon

This solution proves useful for advertisers, small and large, allowing those without in-house capabilities or agency support to create images more easily brands, while supporting larger brands, who are constantly looking for ways to be more efficient in creative development. The image generation capability, in fact, is easy to use and does not require technical skills.

Gianluca Cobucci
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