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Xiaomi Wrist ECG Blood Pressure Recorder presented: 2 in 1 smartwatch and cardiac monitor

At the press conference of Xiaomi 14 series, the Chinese technology giant also officially unveiled the new Xiaomi Wrist ECG Blood Pressure Recorder, a smartwatch that measures blood pressure and electrocardiographic (ECG) activity of the heart.

Xiaomi Wrist ECG Blood Pressure Recorder presented: 2 in 1 smartwatch and cardiac monitor

Xiaomi Wrist ECG Blood Pressure Recorder

It is an innovative device that combines the functions of a traditional smartwatch with those of a portable cardiac monitorthat Xiaomi Wrist ECG Blood Pressure Recorder has a classic design, with a large AMOLED screen from 1,43 inches, an aluminum body, a stainless steel bezel and a crown with a refined texture.

The strong point of this new product is the ability to measure blood pressure with just one click, thanks to a dedicated hotkey. Just double click to start blood pressure measurement, which can be customized according to user needs.

The Wrist ECG Blood Pressure Recorder is based on research with authoritative medical institutions such as Peking University Third Hospital and Fuwai Hospital, to improve the accuracy of blood pressure measurement. Furthermore, it takes into account differences between groups and individuals, optimizing data from people with different wrist circumferences and high or low blood pressure to build a personalized multi-parameter model.

In addition to blood pressure, the Xiaomi Wrist ECG Blood Pressure Recorder it is able to detect the electrocardiographic activity of the heart in 30 seconds, allowing you to observe your heart health at any time. The data collected is interpreted by doctors selected from the best tertiary hospitals, who provide professional health advice.

The smartwatch is also one personal safety tool, which allows you to quickly contact family or emergency services in case of emergency. If an unexpected risk occurs or you suddenly feel sick and you don't have time to find your phone, you can use your watch to call the emergency number. Additionally, the device supports fall detection. Through a 6-axis inertial sensor and fall detection algorithm, the user can automatically make an emergency call when an accident occurs, trying to gain the first rescue time.

As for other functions, the smartwatch integrates Xiaomi's voice assistant, supports NFC payment, Bluetooth calls, over 100 sports modes, is dust and water resistant with IP68 certification and has a battery life of up to 9 hours. days.

The Wrist ECG Blood Pressure Recorder will be available in China starting from 1999 yuan (about 260 euros).

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