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Official HyperOS: Xiaomi's operating system that focuses on the man-car-home ecosystem

Xiaomi, the well-known manufacturer of smartphones and smart devices, has officially presented its home-grown operating system: HyperOS. It is an operating system that does not just manage mobile phones, but that creates a complete ecosystem for people, cars and homes, covering various categories and realizing the true interconnection of everything.

Official HyperOS: Xiaomi's operating system that focuses on the man-car-home ecosystem

Official Xiaomi HyperOS

HyperOS is the result of a profound reconstruction of the underlying system, which integrates Linux and Xiaomi Vela, rebuilds the core kernel module, includes 8 new subsystems, and builds an active, intelligent, high-performance, and secure system platform. Adopt a new cross-end interconnection framework, dynamic device networking and seamless collaboration of capabilities.

HyperOS has one very strong heterogeneous compatibility with hardware, covering more than 200 device categories and supporting more than 200 processor platforms. Furthermore, the system is extremely flexible, with execution space ranging from 64KB to 24GB, and can support everything from smart home Mesh modules, smartwatches, speakers, mobile phones, etc.

Official Xiaomi HyperOS

Unifying a single operating system for multiple devices allows HyperOS to have a better experience when devices are connected. Another very important point is that future Xiaomi cars will also be equipped with HyperOS, which will bring world-class capabilities to the machine and can be interconnected with mobile phones and various smart devices in the home.

HyperOS he also rebuilt the four major subsystems, giving the core experience a completely new look. The first is the graphics subsystem, can now easily achieve high-quality rendering effects, including delicate and realistic multi-level blurring color mixing and real-time simulation of the light and shadow changes of the glass texture, making animation effects as smooth as silk.

Il second is the file subsystem, can now achieve almost no degradation in IO performance for 50 months, increase third-party application loading speed by 15%, reduce OTA update storage usage by 79%, and reduce the time needed to the OTA of 24%.

Il third is the network subsystem, which can solve network delay and disconnection problems in multiple scenarios. For example, high-speed video conferencing delay is reduced by 42%, WeChat video delay is reduced by 20%, average game delay is reduced by 39%, and Peak home Wi-Fi bandwidth is increased by 19%.

Il fourth is the memory subsystem. Through hierarchical acceleration, timely recycling, early allocation, accurate built-in evaluation, etc., the time required to continuously launch applications is significantly reduced, and the number of background applications is significantly increased.

HyperOS also features the revolutionary “thinking center” Xiaomi HyperMind for all devices, bringing the interconnection of devices into the era of “active intelligence”.

Let the devices around you become the tentacles for perceiving the world, unified thinking, multidimensional perception and judgment, active learning of user habits, and proactive people-centered services, so that devices can better understand people.

The operating system will be available for select Xiaomi devices later this year and will gradually be rolled out to other products throughout 2024. Xiaomi also showcased some of the innovative features of HyperOS, including voice control, desktop mode, multitasking and customization.

Official Xiaomi HyperOS

In conclusion, HyperOS is the result of profound technological innovation and a strategic vision of Xiaomi, which aims to be a leader in the sector of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. Now we just have to wait for the new operating system to expand to both smartphones and other devices, so as to be able to test first hand what has just been communicated by the Chinese brand.

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