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Xiaomi Watch S3 presented: the first smartwatch with HyperOS and interchangeable bezels

xiaomi watch s3, the first smartwatch with HyperOS and interchangeable bezel, was officially presented in China. The new wearable aims to offer an intelligent and customizable experience, thanks to the integrated operating system and the possibility of changing the color and style of the bezel.

Xiaomi Watch S3 presented: the first smartwatch with HyperOS and interchangeable bezels

xiaomi watch s3

HyperOS is the “eco-friendly operating system for people, cars and homes” developed by Xiaomi, which can support different types of smart devices, such as smartphones, cars, wearables and smart homes. According to the founder and CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, HyperOS was born to address the challenge of the complexity and fragmentation of operating systems and protocols involved in the Internet of Things era.

Xiaomi Watch S3 is the first device to come pre-installed with the smartwatch version of HyperOS, which allows for greater interconnection between the various devices in the Xiaomi ecosystem. For example, the smartwatch can be used to control smart lights, security cameras, robot vacuum cleaners and other smart home products. Furthermore, the smartwatch can be synchronized with your smartphone to receive notifications, calls and messages.

One of the most innovative features of Xiaomi Watch S3 is the interchangeable ring, which can be removed and replaced at will. The bezel is equipped with metal contacts that allow you to automatically activate a customized dial based on the color and style of the bezel. In this way, the smartwatch can adapt to different occasions and personal preferences.

Xiaomi Watch S3 also has one eSIM version, which supports independent calling and browsing. This means that the smartwatch can be used without having to carry your smartphone with you, for example when going for a run or doing sports. The smartwatch can also stream music, use GPS for navigation, and reply to messages.

xiaomi watch s3

As for technical specifications, Xiaomi Watch S3 has one AMOLED screen from 1,43 inches, with a refresh rate of 60Hz and a resolution of 326PPI. The body of the smartwatch is available in glossy black and glossy silver. The smartwatch also has a battery 420mAh that promises a7 days battery life in normal mode and 14 days in energy saving mode.

Prices and availability

Xiaomi Watch S3 will be available in China from October 28 priced at 799 yuan (about 100 euros) for the standard version and by 999 yuan (about 130 euro) for the eSIM version. There is no word yet on when the smartwatch will arrive in other markets.

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