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Amazon's Olympus: the AI ​​project that is as secret as it is obvious

Amazon launches into the universe ofartificial intelligence with a revolutionary project: Olympus. With an impressive architecture of 2.000 billion parameters, this new linguistic model aims to rewrite the rules of the game in AI, challenging giants such as OpenAI e A. The news Comes from Reuters, who had already previously spoken of a "secret" Amazon project in the field of generative artificial intelligence.

Amazon Olympus: what it is

Amazon is accelerating into the field of artificial intelligence with its ambitious project, Olympus. This next-generation language model is designed with an extraordinary complexity of 2.000 trillion parameters, positioning itself as a direct competitor to popular players in AI, such as OpenAI and Alphabet. Olympus represents not only a technological breakthrough but also a strategic move for Amazon, wanting to consolidate its position as a leader in AI innovation.

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Amazon has shrouded Olympus in an aura of mystery. By choosing the code name “Olympus,” the company maintained a high level of secrecy around the project. However, it is known that Olympus is led by rohit prasad, a former head of Alexa and now head of Amazon's general artificial intelligence division. Prasad has gathered around him a team of leading researchers, joining forces of those who worked on Alexa and Amazon's science team, to carry forward this cutting-edge project.

Amazon's investment in Olympus is part of a broader strategy that sees the company focus heavily on generative artificial intelligence. The giant has already developed smaller AI models such as Titan and has collaborated with startups in the sector, such as Anthropic and AI21 Labs. These partnerships have extended the capabilities of Amazon Web Services (AWS), giving enterprise customers access to cutting-edge AI models. Amazon's goal is clear: to position itself as a point of reference in the AI ​​landscape, leveraging the power and versatility of the new model to attract and serve an increasingly demanding corporate clientele.

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