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Amazon One introduces palm recognition: but what the hell is it for?

Amazon introduces something new for the palm recognition service: registration now takes place through a new application. One is enough photo of your palm to access a service that makes payments and access easier, improving the purchasing experience without requiring additional steps at checkout. Here's how it works in detail Amazon One service.

Amazon One: palm recognition arrives. Here's what it's for

The Amazon One app for palm recognition transforms the registration process by making it accessible wherever you are. Thanks to this app, Amazon customers can now register for the palm recognition service without having to go to a physical store, facilitating access to technology that makes every purchase faster.

To sign up, simply log in to the app with your Amazon account, take a photo of your palm and connect a payment method. Once registration is complete, you can immediately use the service to make payments, access venues, verify your age or accumulate loyalty points by simply touching your palm to an Amazon One device. This opportunity is available in over 500 Whole Foods Market stores in the USA, in several Amazon stores and in more than 150 third-party locations, such as stadiums and airports.

Obviously the innovation behind Amazon One is based on intelligence artificial e learning Automatic, ensuring a safe and efficient service. The system is able to recognize the photos of the palm taken by the mobile phone by comparing them with the infrared images of the Amazon One devices, for a registration process that ends only after this comparison.

Security is a priority: Amazon One uses both the palm image and the underlying vein structure to create a unique palm signature. The images of the palm, encrypted e securely transferred to the AWS cloud, cannot be accessed or saved on the phone, ensuring user privacy.

The service, as mentioned above, is only available in the United States for the moment. To ensure that it also reaches us, a review of the privacy rules is necessary, also in light of what emerged from theAI Act just approved in Europe.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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