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The new Android 12 ringtones and tones are available for download

Android 12 is getting closer and with him also his news, including the new ringtones. We got to talk about all of them the beautiful things that will come with the next major update of the operating system but in the last few weeks the beta 3. We haven't talked much about it as we didn't have a lot of material about it at the time, but you should know that there will also be some new ringtones that, promptly, the team of Android Police made it available for download. Let's go see them (or rather, hear them).

Here's how to get the new ringtones that came with Android 12: they're available for download right away. Will you use them or will you wait?

In Android 12 the owners of the pixel are waiting for new ringtones, notification sounds and alarms. However, even owners of smartphones from other manufacturers can already download audio files and use them on your devices.

In the third beta of Android 12 for Pixel smartphones, the pre-installed Google Sounds app has been updated to version 2.8, which introduces new system sounds and ringtones. Interested parties can download the APK file and try to install it on your device. There is feedback that it works on some non-Google smartphones and with Android 11, but there is no specific list of supported models. Ultimately it is a port.

If the application does not work on our device, we can download archives with almost three hundred songs available in Google Sounds 2.8. The files were "seized" by the staff of the Android Police portal. They are all divided into categories:

The downloaded archive must be extracted into the smartphone memory, then in the settings go to the "Sounds“, Where you can select the desired melodies. If the user interface does not support the selection of local sounds, you need to move them to the "Notifications”In the device memory.

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