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Android 12 Beta 3: here are all the news of the update

Google has Android 12 announced during its I / O conference in May, unveiling a major UI update called Material you, along with other privacy improvements. The company has since released two betas, with the second leading i adaptive colors. Today, Google stands launching Beta 3 which brings with it some new features like the scrolling screenshots, the improvements of the automatic rotation and more. Let's see the details.

Here are all the news of Android 12 with the Beta 3 that is about to be released in these hours: how many new things await us in the future!

Native support for the scrolling screenshots has been a long awaited feature in Android. While the search giant aimed to add it to Android 11, it then decided not to introduce the feature due to the suboptimal experience. Now, the feature is added to Android 12 and works as just as we expect it to. A new button "Capture more”Allows users to extend the screenshot, with the option of crop the image.

android 12 beta 3: here is the extended screenshot and how it works

Company adds which is introducing a new one ScrollCapture API for "UI apps and toolkits that do not use the view-based UI or that use a highly customized UI". He adds that with Beta 4 it will bring further improvements to the feature, adding support for it scrolling through the ListView.

Beta 3 also brings improvements to research, thanks to a new "search engine on high performance device" called AppSearch. This allows apps to improve indexing of structured data, enabling faster results and more. More information on the AppSearch package here.

Another significant improvement made with Beta 3 includes improvements to automatic rotation. The feature now supports the face detection, which means that the system can tell how the smartphone is oriented with respect to users' faces, allowing for reliable automatic rotation, without having to force users to lock orientation of the device. Some use cases the company lists include lying on a sofa or in bed.

Google notes that the "lives inside the Private Compute Core recently announced, so images are never stored or sent from the device". Currently, the feature will be available to users running Beta 3 on Pixel 4 or newer phones.

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