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Android Auto is updated: here is a new useful function for some Hyundai

A new update of Android Auto introduces a feature that can be used on some machines Hyundai. This is the wide screen format, that is the full screen display, which these cars did not have before. This was revealed by a user on Reddit, who directly tested Android Auto on these vehicles. But let's find out all the details of the update in question.

Android Auto: here is the widescreen format for Hyundai

Thanks to the aforementioned Android Auto update, some Hyundai cars will now have the full screen view. This is the widescreen format, which in recent times is the most used by various companies for various types of screens and configurations (and which in the past had already been integrated into other cars).

Some Hyundai vehicles with widescreen displays have therefore begun to support this type of display. According to a user on Reddit, an Elantra machine from 2021 supports wide view after the latest update. Before the update, the screen only took up two thirds of the screen.

That said, AutoEvolution magazine also reports that some Kia vehicles are also receiving the same update. They, together with those Hyundai, would be added to the cars that have already received this update, namely some Mazda, Skoda and BMW vehicles.


Edoardo D'Amato

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