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Anker Soundcore Space ONE TWS ANC headphones at €83 shipping included!

Headphones Anker Soundcore Space One they quickly became a household name in the audio world thanks to their impressive features and value for money. This article aims to explore their main features in detail, from sound quality to noise cancellation, from battery life to comfort of use, up to connectivity: ANC, app control, 40 hours with ANC activated, 55 hours with ANC off, Bluetooth 5.3

Anker Soundcore Space ONE


Sound quality

The Anker Soundcore Space One offers exceptional sound quality, thanks to their custom audio drivers. These drivers are designed to produce clear, detailed sound, with deep bass and a wide mid- and high-frequency range. Sound balancing technology ensures that the listener can enjoy an immersive audio experience, whether it's music, podcasts, movies or games.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

One of the most appreciated features of the Soundcore Space One is their ability to actively cancel external noise. Using external and internal microphones, these headphones analyze ambient noise and produce opposing sound waves to neutralize it. This means users can fully immerse themselves in their music or work, without being disturbed by background noise, making them ideal for plane travel, noisy offices or any crowded environment.

Battery life

The battery life of the Anker Soundcore Space One is remarkable, with up to 40 hours of playback with the ANC function activated and up to 55 hours when deactivated. This makes them perfect for users on the go, eliminating the need for frequent charging. Furthermore, thanks to the fast charging function, even a few minutes of charging can provide hours of listening.

Comfort and Design

The headphones are designed with comfort in mind, with soft earcups and cushions that conform to the shape of your ear, reducing pressure and allowing for hours of listening without discomfort. The foldable design and included case make the headphones easily transportable, while their elegant and discreet appearance makes them suitable for any context, be it professional or recreational.


With Bluetooth 5.3 technology, the Soundcore Space One offers a stable and fast connection with a wide range of devices. The multi-point pairing function allows you to connect the headphones to two devices at the same time, making it easy to switch between audio sources. Plus, intuitive touch controls on the earcup let you control play, pause, volume and activate your voice assistant without having to use your phone.


Headphones Anker Soundcore Space One they stand out in the crowded audio market with their impressive set of features. They offer a superior audio experience, advanced noise canceling capabilities, long battery life, exceptional comfort and reliable connectivity, all at a competitive price. Whether you're a music enthusiast, a professional on the go, or simply looking for a pair of headphones to enhance your everyday experience, the Soundcore Space One is an option worth considering.


Anker Soundcore Space ONE headphones

83€ 99€
🇨🇳Standard Shipping included (No Customs)
GeneralBrand: Anker Soundcore
Type: Headphones
Model: Space One
Blue color
Small PartsSound: High Resolution Wireless, LDAC, HearID
Active Noise Cancellation: Adaptive ANC
Playback time: 55 hours (ANC off), 40 hours (ANC on)
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.3,
AUX Soundcore App: Yes
Weight and sizeProduct weight: 260g
Package Weight: 300g
Pack size (L x W x H): 18,7 x 16,3 x 9cm
Package Contents1 x Headphones
1 x waterproof case 
1 x AUX cable
1 x USB-C Charging Cable
1 x user manual
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