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The Alldocube iPlay 50 Mini Lite tablet is a device that aims to offer a good compromise between performance, portability and price, making it a choice ...

The KTC H27V13 monitor is a product that falls into the range of medium-high level monitors offered by KTC, a company known for producing devices ...

The Ultenic T10 is a latest generation robot vacuum cleaner that stands out for its advanced technology and intelligent features, designed ...

The Redmi Book 15E Laptop is positioned as an interesting choice in the laptop market, aiming to provide a balanced user experience between ...

The Wanbo X2 Max projector represents an interesting proposition in the home cinema projector market, combining advanced features with a price ...

The HiBREW H11 espresso machine represents an innovative and versatile solution for coffee lovers who wish to enjoy a quality espresso ...

In China there are many brands that are part of the Xiaomi ecosystem, one of these is AtuMan. Their products are varied, let's say DIY-oriented. ...

The ILIFE W90 floor cleaner presents itself as a cutting-edge solution for cleaning domestic floors, combining intelligent technology and ...

The KuKirin G1 Pro electric scooter represents one of the most interesting options in the panorama of personal electric vehicles, thanks to its ...

The Bezior X-Plus is a folding electric mountain bike equipped with a 1500W motor, which stands out for its high performance and its ability to ...

The Kugoo G2 Max electric scooter is quickly establishing itself as one of the most interesting options in the light electric vehicle landscape, thanks ...

The Liectroux G7 floor cleaning robot represents an advanced technological solution for domestic cleaning, designed to offer a cleaning experience ...

The Liectroux X6 Floor Cleaning Robot represents one of the most advanced technological solutions for domestic cleaning. This device ...

A few years ago it was really "cool" to think of being able to have colored lights in your home! Today all this is quite normal, in fact we find a credible ...

The Proscenic T20 air fryer represents one of the latest innovations in the field of kitchen appliances, offering a healthier approach ...

The Proscenic DustZero S3 vacuum cleaner represents an advanced example of home cleaning technology, combining innovation and efficiency to offer ...

The Kukirin G2 Master electric scooter emerges as a cutting-edge urban mobility solution, designed to offer a balanced mix of performance, ...

The Kukirin V2 electric bicycle represents a significant step forward in the world of sustainable urban mobility, combining technological innovation, ...

The KUGOO KIRIN M3 is an electric scooter that is enjoying considerable success on the market thanks to its innovative features and its ability ...

Just like last year, it seems that Oppo has decided not to export its 2 jewels, Oppo Find X7 and Oppo Find X7 Ultra, outside of China. A little ...

The Bogist M5 Pro electric scooter represents one of the most intriguing options in the eco-friendly personal transportation market. This model is ...

The world of drones has seen incredible technological development in recent years, with DJI establishing itself as one of the main leaders in the…

The Xiaomi Watch S1 Active smartwatch is positioned in the market as one of the most versatile and economical smartwatches, maintaining a high level of quality and ...

The era of "modding" seemed to be over and instead, given the choices of some telephony giants such as OPPO, here we are again clashing with beautiful ...

The Tengoo self-heating scarf represents a true revolution in the world of winter accessories, combining innovative technology and design to offer ...

The SAMEBIKE MY-SM26 electric bicycle is a popular choice among cycling enthusiasts and those looking for a means of transport ...

The Proscenic Washvac F20 represents one of the latest innovations in the field of home cleaning, offering an effective 2-in-1 solution for cleaning ...

The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ floor cleaning robot represents a significant step forward in home cleaning technology. This device ...

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  1. I've always been waiting for this thing, it could be the turning point in the field of smartphones!

  2. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 4 March 2020 at 9: 30

    Guys I recommend the EU Rom which is updated to miui 11

  3. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 7 April 2019 at 9: 57

    With EU priority line shipping, shouldn't you have to pay customs? Do you send us your order number, the order screen where you can see the shipment, and the mail/registered mail of the customs clearance office? Let's try to figure out what happened

  4. We do this, put the screen of the shipment you used. Without even seeing it, I already know it's expedited shipping.

  5. HI! can you tell me which site you bought it on and if you bought it using our direct link? What email address did you write to and what email did you use?

  6. Hi Francesco, yes it happened to me too. I had to remove it from the phone and reinstall it. Now everything is OK!

  7. Immediately corrected the article, at €220 it was the normal version.

  8. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 27 June 2023 at 9: 59

    Thanks alot!! 😀

  9. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 4 June 2023 at 18: 29

    The power difference is too big, certainly the Force SE.

  10. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 12 May 2023 at 8: 34

    what do you mean?

  11. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 12 May 2023 at 8: 33

    Thanks for report!

  12. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 9 May 2023 at 10: 40

    Hello Alvise! Well, I love Xiaomi and MIUI, it was my first love of cinaphones. But I've also always been attracted to OnePlus and lately Oppo. I'm also from a Find X5 and I have to say I was really impressed with the Color. So the step to Find X6 was practically forced. Thanks for your comment.

  13. I've had it for 6 months and it still works perfectly!

  14. Coupon is expired. Follow us on telegram to have the new coupon in real time:

  15. Well I would definitely say this. In terms of power there is no comparison.

  16. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 29 July 2022 at 9: 06

    It's your point of view. Mine remains the one for which if you want a level tablet at an honest price you can only go to Xiaomi.

  17. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 30 June 2022 at 8: 38

    Hello Maurizio, don't worry .. it brings up to 150Kg! So you are well below the maximum limit |

  18. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 21 May 2022 at 9: 48

    Tried now, it works

  19. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 3 May 2022 at 10: 56

    Hello, the code has been entered on April 29th, now it has expired. Check out the article, which will probably be updated with a new code on Thursday.
    In order not to lose all the coupons, subscribe also to the telegram channel:

  20. Because the product is Chinese, and in China the warranty is 12 months.

  21. Hi, unfortunately the promo ended over the weekend!

  22. Yes sure!

  23. Hi, I have it and I can confirm that the product is excellent. I confirm that it is Xiaomi (Ecochain) and for the guarantee you will have to go to the store where you buy it. This is the case for almost all products not purchased on official channels, except Xiaomi smartphones and tablets which even if purchased on other sites enjoy a guarantee through official assistance.

  24. Yes, as far as we know there is no problem in this regard. Then by paying with PayPal you would also have free shipping costs for 6 months (in case you have to send it back).
    But the same goes for Banggood, on which you also save something today.

  25. A few days, but they all have a limited number of pieces. So they could expire in a few hours (if they sell all the pieces they have at this price).

  26. For smartphones yes.

  27. No, unfortunately we haven't tried it so I can't tell you. However, by eye, if the CPU is different it is really unlikely that it will suffer from a possible same defect. Hello.

  28. Hi, the product is a bit out of date .. but it could be that some stock is popping up. Follow our telegram channel of offers so you will always be updated

  29. Hi Pasquale, we have to stick to the seller's data sheet, so I guess 11300H.

  30. If you only receive 10 € discount it means that you have already made purchases and used the coupons. Try registering a new account

  31. Unfortunately, it has now expired. When I replied I had tried it and it still worked. They always put a few at this price and they sell like hot cakes. Follow us on telegram so you can have the best offers in real time, including that of this product. Coupons are updated most days.

  32. No, follow the link. Shipping is from Poland. They will change a couple of more days for the arrival.

  33. This has the Italian language.

  34. Good deal !!

  35. Then it means that you have already used automatic discounts in other purchases. Create another account with a different email address.

  36. Yes it's correct. How much is the total?

  37. So, as for portability and updates (since it came out later) definitely the note 10S. How does the 9 pro perform? It depends a little on you, what do you think is most important.

  38. No no, € 304

  39. Hi, try GOBOO995.

  40. Hi, no no I see now it's definitely wrong. I think it was 1917, I swapped 9 and 1.

  41. On average 3 working days. If it goes wrong 5!

  42. We do not know for sure, better contact them with an email to be sure.

  43. The article is 12, unfortunately these coupons go away like hotcakes. We must take advantage of it immediately. Follow our telegram channel so you will have them in real time:

  44. Prices vary continuously, when the article is published the price is the one active at that moment. Yesterday it was in Flash Sale at 257 €!

  45. There is not because it is a flash sale. You can find it at that price without the need for the Coupon.

  46. Hi, definitely the 90Fun, the first of the article

  47. hello Giacomo, I finally got the answer .. probably on BG that pc is no longer in stock. au geekbuying can't get coupons for that product. I suggest you maybe choose another similar model (there are many) on BG which, as you can see, gives us coupons every day!

  48. I'll let you know shortly! sorry for the late reply!

  49. Bye! i checked now and they are both available and valid coupons. In what sense do you tell me that there is no availability? For safety, make the purchase from a pc.

  50. hello james! link me exactly what you are interested in (from geekbuying) so I can see if I can get you a coupon!

  51. Thank you for the tip !!

  52. From data sheet 24Kg! I can't help you with the battery. For security it would be better to send an email to the seller.

  53. Hi Morena, are you doing it on a smartphone? to be sure try from PC.

    This is the direct link:

    The coupon is what you find in the box

  54. I'm glad I gave you a hand!
    Yes, I share your thoughts, it would be perfect if everything worked with European servers.
    We look forward confidently

  55. On average 3 weeks!

  56. Hi, yes I confirm that there is DAZN!

  57. Yes, it is a good product, but with this small price difference I would go on 3H with my eyes closed! If you look in our offers there is also the pro at an INCREDIBLE price

  58. Incredible price. Don't worry, pay with PayPal. I have bought quite a few phones everything has always been ok

  59. The article talks about the North which has the SD 765G as a processor and there is also the offer for the North CE which mounts the 750G

  60. Phones are also currently arriving Poco with CB warranty, so the Italian one will be valid through official Xiaomi assistance. But you can only get confirmation when the phone arrives. At worst it will be necessary to contact the assistance of the site directly.

  61. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 5 July 2021 at 11: 13

    Everlasting Poco F3, there is no match. 20Gr less, better processor, better display.

  62. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 5 July 2021 at 10: 26

    Poco F3, then at this price ..!

  63. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 5 July 2021 at 9: 57

    Hi, Thanks for reporting. It was obviously a typo. Fixed the article. Unfortunately, the Pro is currently only on offer on Amazon.

  64. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 1 July 2021 at 13: 22

    Hi, sorry but I missed your previous post. I have 3H and it has always worked with Alexa. I have no idea what may have happened, but unfortunately these malfunctions can happen every now and then. The important thing is that everything is working correctly now!

  65. It is on geekbuying for € 246. There are links and coupons in the article

  66. Hi, it's 110KG.

  67. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 12 June 2021 at 9: 22

    The redmi note 10?

  68. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 30 May 2021 at 21: 21

    My best purchase of 2021! 🙂

  69. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 30 May 2021 at 21: 20

    I confirm, considering that only until last year at this price you bought the classic robot vacuum cleaner only!

  70. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 30 May 2021 at 21: 19

    Yes, I can confirm that I always use it (even in the evening when I'm not at the PC to give a touch of color to the room)

  71. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 21 May 2021 at 9: 24

    Hello! Can you send me the order and shipping number?

  72. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 19 May 2021 at 10: 52

    We have communicated the critical issues of this courier to Banggood, and they are evaluating how to solve the problem! Thanks for the tip

  73. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 19 May 2021 at 9: 06

    You have to click on the first link in brackets, get the code. Then move on to the second and when you make the purchase you will find the discount code already present in the coupon tab.

  74. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 17 May 2021 at 9: 37

    Yes, you are right, one month is an impossible time frame. The 2 weeks must be the standard. Let us know when it arrives!

  75. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 17 May 2021 at 9: 24

    Hi Loris! If there are problems, we are trying to solve them together with Banggood's customar care. A smartphone arrived to me just one month after shipping.
    To track use this site: as courier select "sailspost"

  76. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 14 May 2021 at 9: 04

    Hello, here are the spare parts on aliexpress!
    Soon they should also arrive on amazon!

  77. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 11 May 2021 at 22: 05

    Hi, sorry but we haven't received a reply yet! We urge!

  78. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 5 May 2021 at 8: 53

    Hi, we have the technical data sheets of each model. To make a summary, if you need NFC you have to go to the note 9 pro or note 9T. If you don't need it you can go to this offer, the 9S which is practically identical to the 9 pro without NFC. The Note 9T is also 5G, the other 2 are not.

  79. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 4 May 2021 at 10: 34

    No need, it flashes at the lowest price ever seen online.

  80. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 1 May 2021 at 10: 44

    I confirm !!

  81. Guaranteed within a year with BG. But most likely it will also be under warranty for 2 years through Xiaomi assistance in Italy. It must be verified via the imei address when it arrives to you.

  82. If you want some advice, get it for € 133 on BG, it arrives in less than a week. At the end of April, with the end of the Mi Festival, prices could go up a bit. They've been down all month.

  83. Yes, I confirm. Yesterday it was 119

  84. Hello! We inform ourselves and let you know!

  85. What app do you use?

  86. The article was updated on April 14, Gshopper prices changed. You can buy at the same price on Banggood. Tested now for 128Gb and it works.

  87. Sorry but who says it should be about 5G? See written Mi 11 Lite 5G in the title of the article or in the banner that leads you to the product?

  88. Thank you for your compliments! Yes, I can confirm that in relation to the price it really offers many goodies. Ideal for those who spend a lot of time on the PC.

  89. Too complicated .. haha

  90. I don't know, surely something wrong. Have you tried doing it from a pc? Are you registered on the site?

  91. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 4 March 2021 at 9: 03

    It works

  92. Exact

  93. It seems to have no integrated webcam, sorry. For the keyboard I always solve by connecting an external flat, or putting the stickers. AMD radeon graphics card

  94. Hello, can you tell me the exact link of the product you have chosen?

  95. I don't know what to tell you, the code works. Aren't you selecting 128Gb?

  96. Try now!

  97. Hi, the code works but not for multiple purchases. Make 3 separate purchases, shipping is always free.

  98. Hi Antonio, sorry for the late reply. Therefore, we do not know which codes are provided to us daily. But it is strange that it has increased so much, perhaps € 600 was a black friday / Christmas price. Do you remember how long ago?

  99. I didn't understand .. the coupon doesn't see it?

  100. It appears to us that yes. Did you take a look at the review?

  101. An invoice is issued (without VAT of course). For the validation of the guarantee through the shop it is not even necessary, as the order of the product that will remain in your history is authentic.

  102. Good !!

  103. hahaha exactly! Look, from experience… in 99% of cases, if an electronics product doesn't work or is faulty it is immediately faulty as soon as you take it out of the box. So, in that case, you would have no problem with the replacement. In any case, for any doubt we are here.

  104. You are welcome! well, given the price at which gshopper offers it, absolutely the 9 pro! Find the offer here on the site.

  105. Yes exactly. For the matter of just one year well .. you can't have a drunk wife and a full barrel .. 🙂 China saves a lot, but some compromises must be accepted. Keep in mind that in the vast majority of cases, you don't need the guarantee.

  106. Imagine!

  107. I confirm Gianluca's answers!

  108. But look, I would go to the [Newest Version] Xiaomi Mijia 1S 4K or to the Xiaomi Ecosystem WEMAX ONE PRO ALPD. With both, you bring real cinema into your home at a very competitive price.

  109. Hi, yes. The warranty is one year in Italy. Yes yes, there has been Always on for a while.

  110. Great!!

  111. tried it now and it works. have you selected the 128Gb model?

  112. Yes, for more than a year now the "global" products have also been under warranty in Italy. We can't give you certainty, but let's say a good 99%.

  113. Yes of course, it is the exact same version that you would buy on the Xiaomi website.

  114. I don't know what to tell you, tried again now and it works. For the 128Gb Interstellar Gray

  115. Tried now, it works. Have you registered? Do it from pc.

  116. The offer is for Banggood (the gearbest picture is an error). Put the product in the cart and in the cart enter the discount code that brings you the price to 19 €.

  117. yes, but then the code must be pasted in the appropriate space on the site, from the cart!

  118. Yes .. but are you inserting the coupon? 239 € is the cost without discount code!

  119. But did you select 128Gb? Tried it now and it works

  120. I don't know where you are wrong, the coupons work and the price is the one reported

  121. what do they do or do they not do? anyway tried now and I have no problem with Italian address.

  122. It was a mistake. Correct. Thanks

  123. It is reported on the official website

  124. Take out shipping insurance. Check that you have the price in euros. Total 125.23 (tried now)

  125. Well, they are 2 completely different things. One is a band and the other a smartwatch. Only from the form factor one should decide what to take.

  126. I have not received or bought it, and even if I had bought it it was pre-ordered so I could not have received it already. For the taxes I have already answered you above.

  127. You must have a moment of patience, after all to save something you must accept (the wait). It was on preorder, so no one will have received it yet. Also consider that we are in the middle of 11-11 and black friday. If you block the order and also pass Black Friday, you will receive it in 2021.

  128. I'll delete the comment. So I gave you the answer you wanted. ok?

  129. Customs are not paid with the reported shipment. I advise you to change the comment by removing big scammers. Thanks

  130. With the "Eu priority line" shipping it is sure that you do not pay (in fact you will notice that in the cart it shows you the customs insurance enabled by default for free "Insurance rates"). As for the guarantee, try to hear the Insta Italia assistance directly, but I doubt that the official one will come. Then you will have a one year warranty through Banggood.

  131. But then, given the price I would say now. Maybe with black friday you save 5 € but then when does it arrive?

  132. I confirm !! I am very happy too!

  133. No I only speak for banggood and gearbest. On other sites I don't know.

  134. In case you need it you will need to open a ticket on the site where you bought it. Usually they ask you for a video that certifies the problem, after which they start the guarantee procedure.

  135. Those are the warehouses .. but have you registered? have you tried to proceed with the purchase?

  136. I can understand that inserting a coupon can be a tricky business, but the coupon works.

  137. We publish it because it is valid. Have you checked that you have set "Italy" as your destination?

  138. Try it now both work

  139. Hello! But what shipment did you select? What does the tracking say?

  140. It is obviously a typo. Inside the article there are the links with the codes also for the 64Gb version

  141. They have expired, the article is from Thursday 10. They often last only one day.

  142. hello, sorry I'm late but I missed the message. GB's Europe warranty includes 2 years of support through them and shipping to Spain.
    But lately Xiaomi products with international guarantee are arriving from China, so it's easy for you to get a phone with a guarantee even here in Italy.

  143. Theoretically, smartphones bought in China also have an Italian guarantee in all respects, but the verification requires the imei code, so you can only find out when it arrives. The European one of Gearbest is valid for 2 years and you must send the product back to them in spain. Shipping in Europe is faster than in China, in about a week you got the phone.

  144. The warehouse is only the Chinese one that allows you to buy at that price. Did you change the color? the promo at 339 € is on the purple one.

  145. At the end of the article

  146. They are all flash sale, there are no codes. The prices are already those reported

  147. At the end of the article, with the attached link

  148. The final price should be the one indicated by the article, compatibly with the publication date. It is not necessary to evaluate the partial discount of the coupon but the final price.

  149. Shipping costs are at your expense (but with paypal for the first six months they will refund you). While the return shipment (when they send you back the phone) they pay them. I've always taken from China, I've always been lucky. Consider that you may also have the one with Italian guarantee and at that point zero problems.

  150. Great! Thanks for the feedback!

  151. It should be there. Many promo photos are just taken hanging on the wall

  152. Yes Yes.

  153. At this price there are 3 left, if you are interested I suggest you order it now.

  154. Hi Alex, the first coupon was related to the ES warehouse which is currently out of stock. The other is just out of date! Follow the article daily because as soon as new coupons arrive we will publish them. Or check the first link as well and if you see the ES warehouse available the code will probably still work.

  155. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 24 July 2020 at 8: 43

    Thanks to you for the trust !! Hello!

  156. Hi, let's not trash anything .. I don't know, maybe there is the spam filter that for some reason blocks them. In any case, yes, customs are cleared on departure, so you don't pay it. Hi.

  157. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 20 July 2020 at 8: 34

    It was only one coupon. It will be active yet from tomorrow morning! Try again tomorrow

  158. No, payment is always in advance. But rest assured that you can pay by paypal.

  159. No, otherwise it would have been placed as a primary warehouse. It is also available from EU stock but not with a discount.

  160. Theoretically only the quality with which you will then see Amazon and Netflix. I also did not understand why there is this difference.

  161. You must apply the coupon ..

  162. Unfortunately you arrived late, yesterday at the time of publication there were only 5 pieces left.

  163. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 1 July 2020 at 13: 33

    If you don't apply the coupon..😆

  164. Take advantage of the incentive is after the Amazon offer (referred to). For foreign stores it is not certain.

  165. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 22 June 2020 at 9: 06

    There are no coupons on Amazon, it's an offer price

  166. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 17 June 2020 at 8: 23

    Hi, yes, all products sold on Amazon have a 24 month Italy warranty. If the product is shipped from Amazon, as in this case, even better. Any problems will be handled by them directly.

  167. Great! Do not count on the tracking .. unfortunately until it arrives in Europe you will not see. Consider the third week from the time of shipment

  168. Currently, GB does not have priority shipping on some products, so there is a minimal customs risk. I recommend buying on Banggood

  169. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 5 June 2020 at 10: 23

    It has not yet arrived in Italy, how do they get it in vodafone?

  170. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 31 May 2020 at 21: 52

    You didn't see it because it went out of stock. Now it's at € 546

  171. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 30 May 2020 at 9: 08

    Imagine! I would go without a doubt on the new Xioami MDZ model! In case you take it then let us know your opinion.

  172. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 27 May 2020 at 14: 16

    The article was published this morning, when the pieces were available at the indicated prices. It is not difficult to imagine ..

  173. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 25 May 2020 at 18: 42

    The discount code refers to the one sold on Banggood

  174. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 25 May 2020 at 8: 10

    EU socket, ours.

  175. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 22 May 2020 at 14: 34

    Thanks for the concussion! look, if you want and time, I ask you to try with nordvpn (connected from finland) and you tell me how much you see it.

  176. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 22 May 2020 at 11: 07

    Okay, thanks for the report. I really don't understand. I use Chrome from PC.
    The preorder is normal because it is not in stock, from shipping May 24th. So next week. I will try to make further checks to understand this.
    If you know a little, using a VPN you will surely see it at € 231 and you can proceed with the purchase without problems.

  177. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 22 May 2020 at 10: 57

    I see it for € 231. Are you trying it from pc or smartphone? Which browser?

  178. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 21 May 2020 at 19: 20

    We are not a shop, you have to ask for the invoice when you buy on the site

  179. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 20 May 2020 at 20: 58

    In reality we do not understand of the product purchased, nor the shop and even what kind of assistance has been requested.

  180. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 20 May 2020 at 14: 03

    What happened?

  181. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 15 May 2020 at 15: 13

    $ 229 is € 211, which will include shipping. If you remove the shipment and all the insurance you get to 202 € which is the reported price.

  182. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 15 May 2020 at 15: 07

    I invite you to research detailed information on major newspapers.

  183. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 15 May 2020 at 13: 58

    Tried now, the code works. Please try again from PC

  184. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 11 May 2020 at 15: 23

    No, mastmen is sold out (it is written under the coupons). It remains what from HK which is still an excellent price.

  185. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 11 May 2020 at 15: 21

    Offer sold out.

  186. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 11 May 2020 at 13: 38

    Hi! unfortunately they went to both warehouses "out of stock". I recommend the 128gb, it costs a little more but having no memory expansion is useful.
    In the comment above you will also find the coupon. It costs € 259

  187. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 11 May 2020 at 13: 36

    Hi, this morning was available, now it's soldout. From stock HK is in stock and costs 259 €. Use this coupon. BG59T28

  188. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 7 May 2020 at 13: 42

    Good morning! The coupon works, unfortunately shipments have increased and it costs 30 €.
    So 180 + 30 = 210 €, if it comes out this is correct.

  189. I tried them right now and they all work

  190. ahahahahahah but forget it. There is no way they will fall! They made a couple of offers at first and then nothing.

  191. Note 9S does not have NFC. The data sheet is merged with the PRO which has it instead.
    It is specified in the textual description. Now let's fix it.

  192. No they are different

  193. No, the global version is mono sim

  194. We do not sell anything, the purchase must be made on the indicated site. Payment can only be made by paypal and credit card.

  195. Great!

  196. For now there are only from Gearbest and Banggod, which are reliable sites. If you want to stay in Italy follow this post that we will add all the offers. Or follow us on Telegram.

  197. Copy the code, click on buy and you will be directed to the page of the site where to proceed with the purchase. When you are in the cart, enter the discount code

  198. Seeing the reviews I would avoid.

  199. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 2 April 2020 at 9: 22

    About 2 weeks. In this period a little more.

  200. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 1 April 2020 at 9: 49

    There is band 20, the card we are fixing is wrong

  201. Hi! oh yes, unfortunately it costs a lot! Take it on BG that there is free shipping! In Italy nothing, nothing

  202. They are shipped from China and arrive with DHL. I got stuff from China with UPS, so customs is not blocked.

  203. you have to select "Italian warehouse" now let's correct the link!

  204. Who doesn't answer you? Gearbest or Banggood? did you open a ticket?

  205. They arrived to me today, but I had used a particular shipment (UPS) because they were very urgent. You arrive in 6 working days but from China. From Uk / DE they should arrive at the same time.

  206. Hi Antonio, thanks for the report! We ask for light on this!

  207. But really the coupon brings it to 386 €. I have no idea what you are doing to get € 521 (which is also a higher price than it costs without € 449 coupon)

  208. The goods are not blocked, they should arrive without problems. We are also waiting, they should arrive next week.

  209. Yes, normally every 7 days the coupons are renew! Follow this page and check daily to doesn't lost new coupon!

  210. Obviously not, the phones must be prepared for wireless charging.

  211. The article is from December 30th, the codes expire in a few days. Follow us on Telegram to get them in real time.

  212. Unfortunately it is not a question of Gearbest, perhaps you will have noticed that the whole world has problems with China for the virus crown. All the goods in stock are shipping without problems, the restocking one is obviously more complicated to obtain. Don't worry, ask for a refund they will get it right away.

  213. It costs € 126, not € 117. However it works. at 126 € there is the color BLUE

  214. Oh yes, the article is from 10 days ago.

  215. 200 € is the price that is declared in the price list on day one. We cannot change all the prices with every change in value. In any case, what matters is the selling price. If it was the wrong one, let's go and modify it.

  216. Yes the FM radio is present

  217. There is a daily limit. Please try again early tomorrow morning

  218. Hi, then this is the Chinese model to which Rom Global has been installed, it practically makes it the same as yours in software. As for the hw there are no problems because it has the 20 band. In short, buy it without problems, it will work as easily as yours.

  219. Try it now, they all work.

  220. For the subject "product does not arrive" you pay with paypal so you are 100% protected (even if it practically never happened). If you need the guarantee, just open a ticket and send the video of the defect.

  221. Hello, for the purchase from Europe warehouse, if we do not offer it, it is not there or it costs much more. The warranty from Gearbest is always 2 years Europe (understood that the faulty product must be returned to Spain and not to China). With the reported shipment, the priority line, you do not pay customs. Spare parts can be found on the same sites you buy from.

  222. No you're right, it doesn't have the RJ45 port.

  223. Hi Pedro, you have to choose shipment "Priority direct mail", in this way you will not have to pay customs duties

  224. Where did you read the opposite?

  225. Try searching the site, there is the dedicated article

  226. Hi, did you install the skill? it could also depend on the server you installed them on in mi home. If you have installed them on a Germany server, try the China server

  227. Yes of course, all the sites that we report in the offers are 100% safe

  228. Empty the cart and put only this product. Try like this

  229. I don't know what problems you have, now the coupon works. Try to do it from pc.

  230. The coupon has expired, we asked to reactivate it. Follow the article or our telegram channel to find out when it will be active again

  231. Sorry for the delay in replying (I missed your message). Gearbest is a 100% reliable store (paypal payments).
    You can make a return (it seems to me within 2 weeks) but with shipping costs it is obviously not convenient. The warranty is for 2 years and the product must be returned to Spain.

  232. yes, it is the fastest and without customs

  233. Yes, well, let's talk about a scant 10 €. Among other things, in this period BG shipments are much faster.
    You're welcome.

  234. Some of Gearbest have expired, use those from Banggood that are valid!

  235. At the beginning of the article you will find the link to see the guide to using coupons

  236. It has been confirmed to us directly by OnePlus. If you are not sure, try to contact them and ask.

  237. Yes yes, it is unlocked only in the case of models that are born with china inks to which the global is installed. The mi 9T pro is born global

  238. Try this: BG3099X3Y

  239. Yes, no brand.

  240. Renewed Coupon! I advise you to take it quickly because they go away like bread.

  241. They are pre blackfriday coupons. They have expired.

  242. Black costs € 227, € 234 if you leave the insurance which costs € 7 enabled
    The price reference we keep the lowest, which in this case is BLUE (which precisely costs 214 € with the coupon applied)

  243. Products purchased on Banggood (one year warranty) must be returned to China, those on Gearbest (2 year warranty) in Spain.

  244. The article is from almost a month ago. The flashes last a few days, sometimes hours

  245. Thanks for the tip! we update you as soon as possible!

  246. You must follow the indicated procedure to receive the coupon via email

  247. I confirm that it is not the priority shipment but a shipment that we have never seen. So the times could be very long.

  248. Making an eye estimate, I would say about 45cm (it's total 53cm)

  249. So, from experience I tell you that to get better answers you have to open a ticket. However, if you were to recapture such a thing and bought through our offers, you can also contact us and we'll see if we can help you. We can't do more than that.
    For the customs issue, "priority" shipping must always be selected. All the others are at risk (some) customs or certain customs (such as fast shipping in a few days from China)

  250. How did you contact GB to get the projector repaired?

  251. Attention that GB has many pre-order products lately. Have you checked before buying?

  252. I do 20 days quietly, 15 using it to trace the path of around 7km 3 / 4 times a week. You probably saw the residual% or it was blocked at 40%. Try a reboot

  253. It's not the roborock, it's the 360 S6

  254. Unfortunately, for products other than smartphones, shipping methods are often removed and added daily. The article was edited on Monday.
    In any case, if the indicated shipping method is not there, just ask without accusing you of passing off incorrect information.
    thank you

  255. No need the Xiaomi gateway with which it communicates.

  256. on which product did you use it?

  257. Hi, yes of course. Each site has a minimum of one year warranty. Gearbest 2 years

  258. It is the Chinese one, but at the first update it also downloads Italian

  259. Perfect. If you have problems write well in this thread!

  260. Hi Domenico, yes of course. Apart from that some models can be put into Italian simply by downloading the language. For the others there is the procedure here:

  261. Hi Valentina. Did you open a ticket to manage this problem?

  262. Imagine. We are also here to answer your doubts, if you have any questions, write well!

  263. Shipping included is on Geabest, it is not reported to be on BG. There is a typo on the price, instead of being 10 € it is 11 €. We put from 30 to 40 offers a day, you will grant us 1 € of error .. 😉

  264. Yes, this is just a vacuum cleaner.

  265. Hi, unfortunately there has been a change in shipping policy from that warehouse you bought from (gwtr). You can redo the purchase now everything is ok (obviously after seeing the refund)

  266. Hello, the EU priority line (which is also free)

  267. 94 hundredths ...

  268. You must put the coupon when you are in the cart. Tried now and it works.

  269. They had customs problems, several orders are blocked. They were those made just in the period you bought it. Now the shipments are back to regular.

  270. Hi Pier, they had some problems with customs. Contact them via ticket and ask to be refunded. After that you can proceed with the purchase. I did so, the second arrived in 12 working days.

  271. It's expired, they go away like hot cakes. Follow us also on our telegram channel so as soon as the new one is put on you can take advantage of it

  272. Better the S which also has the integrated chromecast

  273. Hello, use the coupon: BGSJCAM9 brings it to you at 187 €! as shipping select "priority direct mail" so it will arrive in about 2 weeks and without customs. Shipping from 30 August.

  274. Thanks for the tip! let's try to fix it
    the codes are these 2:

  275. No it is the 47mm, it is highlighted right up top just below the title

  276. The links are correct. There is both 42mm and 47mm

  277. In August there are always physiological delays. Unfortunately, tracking often doesn't work. The package will arrive without updating

  278. weighs more than the old Motorola 8700 -
    I have highlighted this several times

    battery does not come in the evening with heavy use -
    If you use 10 hours to play easy, otherwise you will get comfortable

    uncomfortable curved edges (also for putting protections) -
    Uncomfortable for you ... this year Huawei also put EDGE edges on the P30Pro

    no wireless charging -
    Put in against

    nothing ip68 -
    Put in against

    not even a headset in the package -
    There has never been, there is no Chinese phone

    photos, the usual mediocre oneplus -
    Dxomark puts it a single point under P30Pro, today an absolute reference. Maybe you are a good photographer 🙂

    dear to death -
    put in against

    rejected op7 pro and this "tender" review (maybe op reads you and doesn't send you 7t if you do bad?) -
    I do not think the case should be answered on the reason for the rejection of the review

  279. If you want Italy guarantee I recommend Amazon. It's in Prime! I'll put the link below 🙂 Hello

  280. Hi Laura! The Italian guarantee you have it only if you buy in the xiaomi store or on the official website. Obviously the prices change radically. For the European one you have to ship to Spain. Paypal will reimburse the shipping costs for the first 6 months. Congratulations on the new house! 🙂

  281. Look, the only problem you might have is the size / weight. If that's not a problem for you, play it safe.

  282. Shipping must always be added separately. We cannot calculate the Paypal conversion each time. In the short term even gearvita should allow payment in euros.

  283. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 29 July 2019 at 8: 19

    Hi Laura, the European warranty of 2 years is buying on Gearbest

  284. It is the cost of the lamp. The shipping price varies for each item and also varies from day to day, it would be impossible to keep it up to date. Having said that, even on Italian sites of large electronics chains, the price indicated is that of the product. The shipping one is separate.

  285. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 27 July 2019 at 9: 55


  286. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 27 July 2019 at 9: 55

    Nowhere does it say it's free ... unfortunately gearvita often has high shipping costs

  287. Warranty Italy is understood that the product must be returned to Italy for repair. In case there is official guarantee xiaomi we specify it. If you want it black go here: and use the coupon: XTGS5. Black is on offer at 310 €. Check shipping times

  288. The guarantee comes from the shop

  289. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 25 July 2019 at 8: 16

    If you select priority shipping around 2 weeks

  290. Ahahahahahhahaahhahaah and this image what means? are you a troll?

  291. Thanks Gianni. Obviously I fully agree with your message.

  292. I spoken 2 days ago with oneplus cs and the information is correct. I don't know who spokenwith you.

  293. The pieces are few, the codes are updated every day. From above you find the new ones that are definitely active

  294. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 23 July 2019 at 8: 29

    On gearbest they all have European warranty.

  295. You do not pay, but you must choose the reported shipment

  296. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 20 July 2019 at 9: 39

    the mi9 if it is 2mm taller, wider and often the same. It weighs about 15gr less.

  297. The site is as reliable as GB. The warranty is for one year

  298. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 18 July 2019 at 9: 43

    Take it on BG which is 256 € blue

  299. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 18 July 2019 at 9: 07

    I've tried it now and it works! we always send the priority Italian registered line. You're welcome

  300. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 18 July 2019 at 8: 59

    No is still valid. Do it by PC!

  301. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 18 July 2019 at 8: 34


  302. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 2 July 2019 at 22: 17

    Which code? must follow the link indicated. Often they only apply to the specific color. Maybe he is trying to buy a different color than the one linked

  303. Nothing .. some sites call it global, others international

  304. Shipping must always be added, even if you buy on mediaworld online. The first coupons are practically burned.

  305. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 29 June 2019 at 0: 49

    Of course it works. For the warranty you must refer to the site where you buy it

  306. YOU have OTA updates. Sometimes they don't work and you can easily do them in manual.

  307. Do you realize that you are talking about an early 2017 phone…?

  308. Now the minimum cut is around 5.8. Below only low range.

  309. I guess you don't have very clear ideas about what a frying pan is… 😛

  310. The guide is the same as the mi9. Obviously you will have to look for the twrp of the redmi note 7 pro.
    Then I recommend the EU Roma and not the global India.

  311. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 19 June 2019 at 9: 52

    Great, it would make us very comfortable! We await your news! Thank you

  312. Hi, look being priority it should be without customs costs, let's say a good 99% and let's also say that we have never had any reports of payments. The insurance is against loss / damage

  313. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 13 June 2019 at 8: 31

    Try setting "china" as your country.

  314. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 7 June 2019 at 20: 34

    The price is obviously excluding shipping costs. On which site is shipping included in the price of the item? Only where contextually reported

  315. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 6 June 2019 at 14: 27

    No, the discounted product cost is 5.63 €

  316. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 6 June 2019 at 14: 24

    It is an obvious mistake. It was 171 €.

  317. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 4 June 2019 at 8: 28

    Thanks for the mini review!

  318. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 4 June 2019 at 8: 27

    The coupon must be inserted when you are in the cart before proceeding with the purchase. Find the space at the bottom left. Do it from pc

  319. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 3 June 2019 at 10: 03


  320. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 1 June 2019 at 9: 32

    Yes, right. Let's say that global and 20 band go hand in hand in 99% of phones. Because almost all the global have the 20 band

  321. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 31 May 2019 at 11: 12

    On dayone the mi9 cost 450 €. So I would say that the price is very good.

  322. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 30 May 2019 at 22: 32

    Yes, right. So it should be chosen based on the operator and the area in which you live

  323. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 28 May 2019 at 23: 17

    You're doing something wrong, it works fine for me. Try doing it from pc

  324. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 28 May 2019 at 21: 49

    Yes, I had heard of this Roma who perhaps comes from India. Let's say that I have not even mentioned it as I assure you that compared to the EU it is far behind. Since you have already unlocked the bootloader I suggest you try it. Then you will give me your feedback

  325. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 23 May 2019 at 22: 00

    📱 Xiaomi Redmi 7 GLOBAL 2 / 16Gb (20 band) to 94 €
    On Coupon: BG6R7C
    Compra➡https: //
    🇨🇳 Priority Direct Mail Shipping (6 / 14gg, No Customs) ✈

  326. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 20 May 2019 at 13: 56

    Unfortunately the shipping cost on Gearvita is high. But then they apply a big discount to the product.

  327. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 12 May 2019 at 16: 27

    It's a new version 🙂

  328. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 6 May 2019 at 13: 54

    Hi, select the "priority direct mail" which is the fastest. For any warranty in China. Thank you for your compliments !

  329. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 4 May 2019 at 9: 48

    Tried now they work. You do not have to change product, the coupon applies only to the linked product

  330. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 3 May 2019 at 8: 33

    No, one year China guarantee.

  331. If there is free shipping it is specified, otherwise it is always paid.

  332. But on all websites the cost of shipping is separate. The prices indicated correspond to the actual cost of the product after applying the coupon.

  333. Everything is specified in the articles, including the shipment to be chosen to avoid customs costs (as already paid by the seller).

  334. Probably yes, but an 2 € adapter is enough

  335. Yes, of course, 18 + 14 not 27 + 14… Shipping costs a lot, but the scales very little. Consider that on BG only the scale costs about 50. If you want to take it, select the "Italy priority line" shipping

  336. If you don't put the coupon it's 27 ... if you put it 17.

  337. I'm sorry but you read it wrong. The Mi Pad 4 does not exist in the Global version. In fact, the announcement speaks of Rom Global. Sky go cannot be seen because to change the rom you have to unlock the bootloader.

  338. I have installed it without problems. But it seems to me that there is a mainland china server to be set up

  339. Hi, the guarantees are: 2 EU years if you buy on Gearbest, one year China on Banggood, Gearvita, Geekbuying, 2 years Italy on GrossoShop, Geekmall, Honorbuy

  340. Have you tried it with all colors?

  341. Well actually after 18 days… it took you a little too long

  342. Which coupon?

  343. Hello, unfortunately it has expired. I recommend the one on Banggood before that too ends

  344. That the one with the inscription "2 years of guarantee" has a guarantee of Europe years. The other, like almost all products from China, one year China.

  345. Yes. 160 € seems to me a great price for the value of the product. Then it is obvious that it will go down over time with the release of new models. It is the story of all electronics. But if you always wait, you never buy :)

  346. Yes 5 pieces… very difficult to win.

  347. You have to choose the "priority shipping" shipping and it will arrive in 2 weeks.

  348. Hi Michele, try sending a ticket to Gearbest asking for info about it. I think they could have them too.

  349. Where did you send it?

  350. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 8 April 2019 at 9: 53

    Send it to us here in private mail:

  351. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 8 April 2019 at 9: 38

    Hi, we would need the screen of the order number in which you can also see the type of shipment selected.

  352. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 7 April 2019 at 9: 55

    Good question, nothing is known for now 🙁

  353. Now I try inserting the discount code .. thanks

  354. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 3 April 2019 at 8: 57

    It was an offer until yesterday morning for pre-order.

  355. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 3 April 2019 at 8: 56

    Hi, I don't know how to help you unfortunately. Have you been looking around on the internet?

  356. Reply
    Cristiano Cento 2 April 2019 at 8: 58

    I think so. I set it up and it works. Try creating a new shipping address

  357. But where is it written that it's free?

  358. No, it is the one reported in the article.

  359. Hi Valerio, unfortunately we can't do all the technical data sheets of the products and sometimes we have to take them directly from the sales sites. However the product is really good traduzione the translation a little less eheheh

  360. The 20 in flash was in promo. The BG coupon is now valid

  361. Return and get it here

  362. It is possible that he will not go out.

  363. The article is from last week, the code has expired. As soon as we have new ones we will put them on. Follow us on telegram so as not to lose it.

  364. The article is from last week, the code has expired. As soon as we have new ones we will put them on. Follow us on telegram so as not to lose it.

  365. which model do you refer to?

  366. Yes, there is the discount code, EUGVBIP

  367. No, that the customs do not pay you but you have to select the type of shipping reported.

  368. Of course, with the mi home application you can control all devices remotely.

  369. If you want it you should buy it, because it is the price launch. Probably finished the first stock will increase at least 50 €

  370. It's hard to say if it will officially arrive in Italy. For the current I think in line with such devices. Nowadays everything is built with an eye to energy saving.

  371. There are several others. Even that, in addition to cleaning, they wash the floor. They obviously cost something more.

  372. Hello ! I inform myself immediately. When did you write to him?

  373. My response was to Alberto's comment. Yes of course, keep an eye on the article and as soon as a code comes out we will update it. There is currently a similar product on offer:

  374. Here it is: itmiband3
    follow us on telegram not to lose all the coupons:

  375. Take it from Banggood, which is a trustworthy site like gearbest.

  376. The article is from January 3, the price is no longer that.

  377. It is a system error, the code is this: 2BGR6GCL

  378. Both are fine, but choose "Italy registered"

  379. Who do you Love? where do you call? in China? You must open a ticket to get a refund. Now I'm on vacation for New Year's Eve, open the ticket and will answer you on Monday.

  380. Hi, it has expired. They are limited pieces to be taken on the fly. Follow this post which is constantly updated with new coupons as soon as they are provided.

  381. eh, unfortunately, yes. Tracking from China is always a problem, as long as it does not arrive here often it is not updated.

  382. You must select the standard shipping

  383. Sometimes it happens that they are changed even on the same day, in any case 6 € is the cost of a registered letter in Italy .... to send a vacuum cleaner from China by courier I would say that the free term is almost the same 🙂 For the above question , yes without customs.

  384. Hi! Within your BG account you should have the order with the tracking number and links to track it. Consider about 3 weeks maximum.

  385. We have been posting an average of 20 offers a day for years, you are the first person who has not understood what "expired" means

  386. I think you should continue to buy in the store because you do not seem a lot on the piece with online purchases. Good evening.

  387. Apparently you have not understood anything .. the bold function is used by web publishers to not have to remove and recreate the offer box in question every time, which is a long procedure. And if there are people who can not understand the difference between a bold (with the word "EXPIRED") and the one in green is another matter.

  388. If there is a bold function it will do something… right? 😉 As soon as it becomes available, it will become green for purchase.

  389. To take advantage of the coupon, the minimum cost is 100 €

  390. If it is in bold it is not available ...

  391. Hello, on banggood "priority direct mail", on Gearbest the one that is under "priority line".

  392. The article is from last week. But tell me about your order, are you waiting for the shipment from black friday? Write to us privately on the post of our facebook page

  393. All those reported, on BangGood, the priority direct mail on Gearbest the priority shipping (registered Italy)

  394. Right annotation. Thank you.

  395. Hello Fabrizio, works in BT. Or in Wi-Fi but through BLE gateway

  396. There are no conditions of use, just use them before they expire.

  397. Color is not indicated, the reported price obviously refers to the lowest. In this case the black color. The Blue one costs more.