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Tesvor R5 Floor Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner at €200 shipped free from Europe

Within the panorama of household appliances dedicated to cleaning the home, the vacuum cleaner Testor R5 emerges as a cutting-edge device, designed to effectively respond to the needs of modern and effortless domestic cleaning. Here is a detailed analysis of its main features: cordless wet and dry vacuum cleaner, 13000 Pa suction, self-cleaning, 900 ml water tank, intelligent dirt sensor, maximum autonomy 45 minutes, 3800 mAh battery, voice control, LED display

Testor R5


Innovation and Design

The Tesvor R5 stands out for its innovative and functional design, which combines aesthetics and practicality. With an elegant shape and compact dimensions, it is designed to fit discreetly into domestic interiors.

Advanced cleaning technology

One of the salient features of the Tesvor R5 is its ability to vacuum dust and wash the floor in a single pass. A final self-cleaning system is also available. The clean water tank is 900ml while the dirty water tank is 700ml.

Powerful Suction

The Tesvor R5 vacuum cleaner boasts a powerful suction capacity of 13000Pa, making it capable of effectively picking up dust, debris and pet hair. This feature makes it particularly suitable for families with animals or for those who want to guarantee a particularly clean and sanitized home environment.

Autonomy and Energy Efficiency

Featuring a long-lasting battery, the Tesvor R5 guarantees an impressive runtime of up to 45 minutes, allowing you to complete extended cleaning sessions without the need for frequent recharging. Furthermore, its energy efficiency ensures a reduced impact on electricity consumption, combining superior cleaning performance with sustainability.

Simple and Accessible Maintenance

Designed for prolonged and uncomplicated use, the Tesvor R5 is easy to maintain. Components such as the dust container, filters and brushes are designed to be easily accessible and replaceable, reducing the time and effort required for maintenance. At the end of the session it will clean itself in its charging base

In conclusion, the vacuum cleaner Tesvor R5 It represents an ideal solution for those looking for an efficient, powerful and easy-to-use cleaning device. With its advanced technologies, intelligent design and smart features, it positions itself as a valid ally for keeping your home clean and welcoming, while minimizing the effort required.


Tesvor R5 floor cleaning vacuum cleaner

200€ 349€
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GeneralBrand: Tesvor
Type: Wet and dry vacuum cleaner 
Model: R5 
Color: Black
Small PartsBasic information:
Rated voltage: 25,2 V.
Power: 255W
Adapter parameters: 29,5V/1A
max. Output: 17,5 dBm
Suction pressure: 13.000Pa
Battery: 3.800 mAh
Maximum autonomy: 45 minutes
Clean water tank capacity: 900ml
Dirty water tank capacity: 700 ml
Noise level (automatic mode): 85 dB
Weight and sizeProduct weight: 5,2 kg
Package weight: 8,36 kg
Product dimensions (LxWxH): 33x35x119cm
Package dimensions (LxWxH): 80x33x24,5 cm 
Package Contents1 x Tesvor R5 vacuum cleaner
1 x Handle Assembly
1 x Clean Water Bucket
1 x charging stand
1 x power adapter
1 x Accessory Box
1 x roller brush
1 x cleaning tool
1 x High Efficiency Filter
1 x Disassembly Tool
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