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Low battery: here are the apps that drain your smartphone, with an interesting backstory

The battery life of our devices is more valuable than ever now that artificial intelligence lands on smartphones. Recently, DxOMark revealed the results of extensive tests on application power consumption, giving us an intriguing insight into which apps drain your battery the fastest of our smartphones. The research highlighted how energy consumption varies not only based on the app used but also on the cost of the device.

Apps that consume more battery: it also depends on the smartphones

On the occasion of Battery Day, February 18th, DxOMark took the initiative to investigate one of the most critical aspects of smartphone use: the energy consumption of applications. With a rigorous methodology, the laboratory examined 14 smartphones, divided equally between the peak segment and the medium segment, all launching in 2023. The aim was to identify not only the most battery-draining apps in general, but also to understand how the price range of the device influenced this consumption.

Among the most notable results, it emerges that, regarding messengers, the client SMS standard unexpectedly ranks high on the list for battery consumption. However, this trend seems to reverse in the top models, where consumption is reduced slightly. Interestingly, beyond SMS, other messaging applications demonstrate a greater energy efficiency on mid-range devices.

As for apps dedicated to watching short videos, Instagram it has been labeled as the most energy-intensive. This app, along with other video platforms, tends to consume more battery on mid-range devices compared to flagship ones, underlining a correlation between the cost of the device and the energy efficiency of the apps. In particular, Amazon Prime Video stands out for its high power consumption, especially in less expensive gadgets.

These results push us to reflect not only on the apps we choose to use every day but also on the impact that it has price range of our smartphone may have an impact on battery consumption. It is clear that energy management remains a field in which technological progress can still offer significant margins for improvement, especially in more accessible devices, but is it right that a device consumes more with the same apps?

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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