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Artillery Sidewinder X3 Pro 3D Printer on offer at €171 shipped free from Europe!

The 3D printer Artillery SideWinder X3 Pro represents the latest evolution in the field of mid-range 3D printers, designed to offer a reliable, high-performance solution for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals. This model combines a number of innovative features that aim to improve the 3D printing experience, from ease of use to reliability and print quality. In this article, we will explore the main features that distinguish the Artillery SideWinder X3 Pro in the 3D printer landscape.

Artillery Sidewinder X3 Pro

TECHNICAL FEATURES Artillery SideWinder X3 Pro

Generous Print Volume

The Artillery SideWinder This makes it particularly suitable for those who need to produce sizable objects or experiment with complex designs.

Quick and Simple Assembly

One of the most popular features of the SideWinder X3 Pro is its ease of assembly. Arriving almost fully assembled, it requires only a few steps to be ready for use, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced users who don't want to waste time on complex assembly procedures.

High Printing Accuracy

Thanks to its sturdy structure and high-quality components, the SideWinder X3 Pro guarantees high printing precision. The smooth, controlled movement of the extruder and print bed ensures that each layer is deposited precisely, resulting in high-quality prints with smooth surfaces and fine details.

Rapid Bed Heating

The X3 Pro's print bed is designed to heat up quickly, significantly reducing the time you wait before starting a print. This feature is especially useful for those using materials that require a hot print bed to adhere properly during printing.

Compatibility with Different Materials

One of the X3 Pro's strengths is its broad compatibility with a variety of printing materials. From standards like PLA and ABS to more specialized materials like TPU and PETG, this printer is capable of handling a wide range of filaments, giving users the flexibility to explore different options for their projects.

Silent Operation

Despite its impressive performance, the X3 Pro is remarkably quiet in operation. This makes it suitable for use in domestic environments or offices, where excessive noise could be a nuisance.


La Artillery SideWinder X3 Pro stands out in the 3D printer market for its combination of generous print volume, high precision, and ease of use. Its features make it an excellent choice both for those approaching 3D printing for the first time and for more experienced users looking for a reliable and versatile printer. With the ability to handle a wide range of materials and its silent operation, the SideWinder X3 Pro is destined to become a benchmark in its segment.


Artillery SideWinder X3 Pro 3D printer

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