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Artillery Sidewinder X4 Pro 3D Printer at €264 shipped free from Europe!

The 3D printer Artillery Sidewinder X4 Pro represents the latest innovation in the field of three-dimensional printing, offering a series of features and improvements that distinguish it in the current market. This model was designed to meet the needs of both professionals and hobbyists, thanks to its versatility, efficiency and ease of use: 240x print volume240x260mm, maximum printing speed 500mm/s

Artillery Sidewinder X4 Pro

TECHNICAL FEATURES Artillery Sidewinder X4 Pro

  • Generous Print Volume: The Artillery X4 Pro offers a large print volume, allowing users to print large projects or multiple objects at once, thus maximizing the efficiency of the printing process.
  • High Accuracy and Resolution: Thanks to its refined mechanics and advanced extrusion technology, this printer guarantees high-quality prints, with fine details and smooth surfaces, making it ideal for complex models and high-precision finishing.
  • Ease of Use: With an intuitive user interface and touch-screen display, the Artillery X4 Pro is easy to set up and use. Automatic print bed leveling and resuming printing after power outages capabilities further reduce the complexity of the printing process.
  • Versatile Materials: This printer is compatible with a wide range of materials, including PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU and many others, making it extremely versatile for different types of projects and applications.
  • Silent: Another strong point of the Artillery X4 Pro is its silent operation, thanks to the latest generation stepper motor drivers and an optimized ventilation system. This makes it suitable for use in environments where noise could be a problem, such as offices or homes.
  • Improved Connectivity: Offering flexible connectivity options, including USB, SD card and Wi-Fi, users can easily transfer their projects to the printer and manage prints remotely, improving workflow efficiency.
  • Durability and Reliability: Built with high-quality materials and durable components, the Artillery X4 Pro is designed to ensure long life and minimize the need for maintenance, ensuring users get an excellent investment over time.


La Artillery Sidewinder X4 Pro is positioned as an excellent choice for those looking for a 3D printer capable of offering high performance, versatility and ease of use. Whether it's rapid prototyping, custom object production, or simply creative exploration, this printer is designed to support a wide range of needs and applications, making it a solid addition to any work environment or creative space.


Artillery Sidewinder X3 Pro 4D printer

264€ 499€
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