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BONUS 500 euros SCOOTERS and BIKES. We will explain it to you !!!

To promote sustainable and safer mobility, in Coronavirus times the Italian government has implemented ad hoc economic procedures, such as the mobility bonus introduced with the Relaunch Decree. Many, however, reserve doubts and questions about the functioning of this incentive, so we answer all the questions for you, explaining step by step how to proceed in this tech bureaucracy.

Who can use it?

Only i older residing in municipalities with more than 50 inhabitants or those residing in provincial or regional capitals even if they have less than 50 inhabitants. The list of municipalities belonging to the aforementioned residences can be consulted on the relative institutional websites. We emphasize that it is necessary have residence and not the domicile in these municipalities.

How much is the contribution worth?

The value is equal to 60% of the cost of the product for a maximum of 500 euros, valid from 4 May (therefore retroactive) until 31 December 2020, with no scrapping obligation, an eventuality that could instead occur if the incentive is extended to 2021. Obviously, every citizen / natural person can claim the bonus 1 time only. So if you buy a product with a value of 1000 euros, only 500 euros will be refunded, if for example you buy a vehicle with a value of 500 euros, you will receive 300 euros as a bonus.

What means can I buy?

First of all the product can be both new and used. You can buy them bicycles with both muscle pedal and pedal-assisted bikes, the important thing is that the limits of the highway code, i.e. maximum, are respected 250 W of power and maximum 25 Km / h for speed. Also fall into the category HAND BIKE, ie bicycles with pedaling by arms and then vehicles identified by'Article 33bis of Law Decree 162, Or the scooters that comply with the limits of the legislation, i.e. maximum 500W of motor power and maximum 25 Km / h per speed and that integrate lighting and bell / horn, but that they must not have a saddle. They are also part of the bonus hoverboards and single wheels although for this type of product the legislation is more restrictive as it can only be used in pedestrian areas at a maximum of 6 km / h.

You can also buy them all services related to sustainable mobility, with the exception of cars, therefore all the sharing services of scooters and bicycles, but in this case a documentary problem may arise, since being able to take advantage of only 1 bonus it is more appropriate to purchase a subscription over time and therefore with a substantial cost that instead provide for example a monthly subscription, perhaps at the cost of 30 euros to be refunded 18 euros.

How to request a refund?

I haven't mentioned it yet but requisitioned fundamental to obtain a refund is to try the purchase made by means of an Italian invoice, filled in with all the specific items in the Italian national billing area. It can therefore also be purchased on the websites of foreign companies, but the obligation remains (to be recognized the bonus) that these stores issue an Italian invoice, this does not mean that the invoice must be transcribed in Italian, therefore it can also be in English, but must contain all the required items such as: EXTREMES OF THE COMPANY THAT SELLS THE GOOD INCLUDING VAT NUMBER, EXTREMES OF THE INVOICE OF THE INVOICE (or the buyer) INCLUDING THE TAX CODE, THE DESCRIPTION OF THE GOOD AS MUCH AS DETAILED AS POSSIBLE, THE AMOUNT OF THE GOOD AND THE AMOUNT OF VAT, THE DATE, THE PROGRESSIVE NUMBER OF THE INVOICE, METHOD OF PAYMENT ETC .. So if for example your purchase is made on Amazon, remember to update your personal data with the tax code, so you can download the correct invoice for the incentive request. Always in the case of Amazon, also make sure that the product is SOLD AND SHIPPED BY AMAZON, as only these products enjoy the right billing, as third party vendors may not issue the Italian invoice.


Example Italian invoice

Subsequently, when the portal is online to request the bonus, you must have the SPID, or the Digital Identity Public System, which allows digital access to online services of the Italian public administration, if you do not have it, you can request it online at dedicated internet addresses, such as

In a second stage we may not receive a bonus as a refund but a real one discount applied by the merchant, by going to the platform that will be made available on the internet by the ministry, where we will put in the shop where we will make the purchase and the product, so that the shopkeeper will only pay the difference in price between the full list deducted from the value of the incentive recognized. Of course we could only buy from those stores that will join the initiative.

Finally a clarification, or rather a tip, as many are proposing purchase links on foreign stores, also quite famous, but the advice is to contact customer support before proceeding with the purchase as almost certainly, these merchants are unable to issue the appropriate documentation to take advantage of the mobility bonus. So guys DON'T BE FUCKED !!!


Emanuele Iafulla
Emanuele Iafulla

Nerd, Geek, Netizen, terms that do not belong to me. Simply myself, technology lover and provocative as Xiaomi does with his products. High quality at fair prices, a real provocation for the other most famous brands.


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francy spi
francy spi
4 years ago

I'm about to buy a pedal assist bike through alibaba. The seller assures me of the possibility of an invoice. Assuming that it is issued containing all the details you mentioned, could the fact that the payment is made in USD and that it was purchased outside the EU constitute a deterrent for not obtaining the mobility bonus?
Thanks for your reply.

francy spi
francy spi
4 years ago

The invoice with Italian standard must contain all the items listed in this article. Therefore, if the seller issues an invoice in English containing all the items of a standard Italian invoice (for example, the model on the top properly translated), would the refund be recognized or not?

4 years ago
Reply to  francy spi

did they issue you an invoice?