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Goodbye traditional apps and smartphones. Here's how is changing the game

Brain Technologies emerges as a beacon of innovation with its product, recently revealed at Mobile World Congress. This is a smartphone, but not like the others: forget about classic apps and prepare for a new era in which your voice becomes the main command. promises an unprecedented user experience, based entirely ongenerative artificial intelligence, something that many other phone brands are already doing.

Discovering and its unique interface

Brain Technologies, a company founded in 2015, has always had the ambition of bringing theartificial intelligence at the center of the user experience. Unlike the smartphone traditional, which rely on a predefined set of applications and a standard user interface, is based on a radically different approach.

The heart of this device consists of Natural AI, an operating system based on Android but without any apps installed. This technology allows users to interact with the device through commands Voice, to which the smartphone responds by generating the necessary software solutions in real time. This means that instead of navigating between different apps to perform an action, users can simply ask to do it for them.

This interface Generative AI it opens new horizons for customization and efficiency, allowing users to express their needs in a natural and intuitive way. Whether it's booking a taxi, finding a flight, arranging a stay with airbnb or even just shopping online, interprets vocal requests and provides ad hoc solutions, fluidly adapting to everyone's preferences and needs.

smartphone with
Credits | Techrunch

Il website offers concrete examples of the capabilities of this device, which have also been confirmed by independent tests, such as those conducted by TechCrunch, highlighting how the interface clearly differs from those of Android e iOS, both in terms of functionality and user experience.

La camera by represents another strong point, integrating functions Advanced AI such as translating captured text into images, object recognition, and scene interpretation. These characteristics demonstrate the will to Brain Technologies to do somethingartificial intelligence the core of its offering, not limiting itself to improving voice interaction but extending AI potential to all aspects of the user experience.

Despite the enthusiasm generated by these innovations, some unknowns remain regarding, such as the breadth of its functionality, the technical requirements necessary for its operation and the dependence on a connection Internet stable, given that AI processing takes place in the cloud.


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