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Chinese New Year, stop 15 days on expeditions.

Good Sunday guys,
as anticipated on facebook page a few days ago, we approach a celebrated holiday in Chinese territory. New Year's Eve.
Although it is probably the most fascinating party in Chinese tradition, this will have some discomfort at the logistics level.


Don't you know what the Chinese New Year is?

Here is an extract from the page of Wikipedia about this holiday:

La Spring Festival (Chinese New Yeartrad.Chinese New Yearsimp., chūnjiépinyin) or lunar New Year - literally "agricultural new year" - (農曆 新年trad.农历 新年simp., nikonglì xīnniánpinyin), In West generally known as Chinese New Year, is one of the most important and most felt festivity traditional Chinese, and celebrates precisely the beginning of the New Year according to the Chinese calendar. Besides, of course, in China, the celebration is celebrated in many countries of the 'Far East, in particular South KoreaMongoliaNepalBhutanVietnam  (where it takes the name of Tết Nguyên Ðán) to Japan (where it was an official holiday until 1873) and even in the countless Chinese communities scattered all over the world.

Being the traditional Chinese one lunisolar calendar, the months they start concurrently with each new moon; consequently, the start date of the first month, and therefore of the New Year, may vary by about 29 days, coming to coincide with the second new moon after the winter solstice, an event that may take place between 21st January and 19 February of the Gregorian calendar. From this date, the holidays last for fifteen days, ending with the traditional lantern festival (Lantern Festivaltrad.Lantern Festivalsimp., yuánxiāojiépinyin).

Shipment during pre-season

Below the exact start date and the end date set by the calendar, Flosmall told us that, in observance of these festivals, warehouses will be closed during the period from February 15 to March 2.
Normal shipping activities will resume next day (3 March 2015).

As happened in the past years, the immediately preceding and immediately after the holidays could lead to slowdowns in the bodies responsible for controlling inbound and outbound logistics. Especially customs, in these periods, intensifies the controls of the commodities leaving the natural slowdowns of DHL traffic.

To avoid having your shipment blocked at customs for 15 days (holiday duration) Flosmall guarantees a correct evasion of the orders received only within the 23: 59 on Monday 9 February.

All orders arriving later may be subject to significant delays except direct cancellation.

In case of cancellation, of course, the money spent will be refunded immediately.

This period of forced holidays will give us the opportunity to focus on some very interesting projects we are working on.
Do not stop to follow us, we will keep you constantly updated all over the world

See you soon!


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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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