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Offer - Xiaomi Business Wallet Genuine Leather Bifold Wallet from 20 €

Who knows Xiaomi knows that the company has always experienced with its own line-up. The portfolio is the latest addition to the unusual product line for a brand of technology. With our coupon you can buy it at a discount of 50% compared to the original price.

Made entirely of leather, the Xiaomi wallet is durable, comfortable and fashion. Suitable for any occasion, from formal to more colloquial, 9.5 x 1.5 x 12cm, with a weight of 200 grams. The style is classic, with compartments for banknotes, credit cards and ID card. The quality is that guaranteed by Xiaomi. At such a price, therefore, a real deal.

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I do not understand if we do a big deal to buy it at 13 euro or a big inc ** to get it at 30 - ​​The Italian n.1 community for Xiaomi products
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