How to solve problems on Mi Box S after updating to Android Pie

All users who own this beautiful and very useful Xiaomi TV Box they put their hands in their hair the moment it has received the update to Android Pie. This little gadget that allows you to transform a trivial TV into a smart TV he has had more than one bad crash since the latest software version of the system compatible with him, that is Android 9 Pie, entered her brain. Jokes aside, thanks to some redditers, that is the users of the community Reddit, we finally have undemanding escamotages for solve these problems. Waiting to receive a definitive fix via OTA for problems of Mi Box S after updating to Android Pie, interested parties can proceed as follows.

How to solve problems on Mi Box S after updating to Android Pie

While official corrections are awaited, some owners of Mi Box S have come up with some alternative solutions for many problems affecting the Android TV, resulting from the update to Android Pie. Of course these are unofficial solutions that may not work for everyone, but you might as well try it since there is not much to tinker with.

Mi Box S Android Pie

Chromecast Mi Box S Android Pie problem

To correct the bug chromecast not working after updating Android Pie, you can proceed as follows:

  • Settings -> Apps -> View all apps -> Show system apps -> Chromecast Android Shell -> Clear data -> OK

This way some users have been able to solve the problem with the chromecast.

Voice Control Mi Box S Android Pie problem

Similarly, other users have encountered problems with this function which allows remote control of the device via voice. Some solved it by proceeding as follows:

  • Settings -> Remote controls and accessories -> Xiaomi -> "name of the Mi Box S device" -> Cancel pairing

After canceling the pairing, you will be asked to perform pairing again. You can proceed to pair the controller and "magically" everything should fall into place.

Time synchronization problem with Mi Box S Android Pie

Some users experience a problem where sometimes the time it does not synchronize with the NTP server and shows outdated date / time in 1995. Some solved the problem by doing a restart, but it turned out to be a palliative. Apparently, however, permanent resolution is possible with the following steps:

1. Settings -> Network and Internet -> Select your connection -> Forget network -> OK
2. Settings -> Network and Internet -> Restart the connection you just forgot

Mi Box S Android Pie volume problem

Some claim that the update to Pie has denied the ability to control the volume within apps like Netflix. To fix this, just go to Settings> Audio> Choose a different audio format. After setting the mode on PCM, someone solved the problem.

Mi Box S Android Pie bluetooth audio / video problem

Some have the problem according to which there is no sound output with Bluetooth audio devices and videos in apps like YouTube e Netflix. Unlike the other simpler solutions, the Bluetooth problem has one a little more complicated solution, although it is the only one that seems to work.

1. From Aptoide, install "Checker for A2DP" (Aptoide is an alternative store to Google Play);

2. Pair the bloetooth device as usual;

3. Open "Check for A2DP", accept all conditions etc., and press "Check Bluetooth A2DP";

4. In addition to "Selectable codec:" there will be a list of supported codes. In the case of the user there are SBC and AAC. Select the one that was not previously selected (in the case of the user it is switched to SBC);

5. A “Switch A2DP codec to SBC?” Popup will appear. Press Yes;

6. Go back to the list of Bluetooth devices, in “Remote control and accessories”, select the device. De-couple;

7. The device will attempt to reconnect (usually it does not do so if you don't change the codec), accept the reconnection. If not prompted, scan again and pair again;

8. Now the Bluetooth should work, if not, repeat the procedure.


The procedures that we have illustrated are not only official but are solutions tried by users. We at Xiaomitoday.it are relieved of any responsibility if you encounter problems or are unable to solve the old ones. For other doubts we suggest to look in the sections of Reddit that you find through the link in the source. Hoping that instead you will be able to solve, comment below and tell us your experience.

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not ready yet

Спасибо. Некоторые позиции сработали

Eugen Codreanu
not ready yet
Eugen Codreanu

Проблему ChromCast решил путем Удаления обновлений.

Настройки -> Приложения -> Просмотреть все приложения -> Показать системные приложения -> Chromecast Android Shell -> Uninstall updates
После рестарта звработал

not ready yet

Hallo mein sprachsteuerung geht nicht hab genauso gemacht wie du es geschrieben hast, aber leider reagiert er nicht wenn ich Rede gibt es da eine andere lösung

Nicked Smith
Nicked Smith

hi, since android 9 no longer 4k on my computer. the display setting shows 4k for selection but after acceptance only 2160p is shown. factory setting already tried without success

not ready yet

remote mibox s saya hilang dan stb sdh keburu direstart, ada gak cara lain buat instal selain pake remote nya

André RIcardo da Costa
not ready yet
André RIcardo da Costa

Alguém conseguu resolver de forma efetiva o problem no pareamento bluetooth (Caixa bluetooth e fones de ouvido) com a caixa mi box S? Eu ja restaurei nos padrões de fabrica e fiz o que foi recomendado acima ... e nos primeiros minutos funciona e depois fica falhando a para de funcionar and lose or equalize. ALguem poderia dar alguma ajuda adicional? Muito obrigado.

not ready yet

Para resolver el problem de chromecast, apart from the dicho en el aeticulo, no me has funcionado hasta que le he dado a desistalar actualizaciones. Graciss!

Gianluca Montagna
Gianluca Montagna

I solved the problem of the Chromecast function, thanks <3

not ready yet

Hello. Could you say how you solved it? It tells me that the device is not supported. Thank you

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