Enter the smart homes "Yunmi", the kitchen machine!

The Xiaomi satellite company, Viomi, manufacturer of smart equipment for smart homes, this time we delight our eyes with a multifunctional kitchen tool that is not a blender, not a chopper, but a real "kitchen machine"!

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Viomi Xiaomi blender chopper kitchen Yunmi machine tools

With the name "Yunmi"This kitchen machine is made up of two basic parts: the lower one that contains the engine with a power equal to 1000W and the upper one characterized by the classic transparent container with the cap to allow to pour inside it any type of food, liquid and not. Inside the container placed above we find the serrated steel blade that allows you to chop very finely the ingredients used.

The part below instead, the one that contains the engine, is in turn formed by four main components, which allow the machine to be really noisy: in fact, the company reports that, according to the tests done, the "noise" does not exceed i 48dB (if we want to make a comparison, 50dB correspond to the fall of water on the asphalt in a day of moderate rain).

These four parts are: a mushroom-shaped head incorporated into the main body via a silicone pad; the real black body which, thanks to a thick enough thickness, isolates the noise due to the work of the engine; a sort of air duct that reduces noise; the dampers placed at the base of the main body that dampen the physical and sound vibrations.

Viomi Xiaomi blender chopper kitchen machine tools

As for the construction materials of the top we are talking about borosilicate glass (also called Pyrex), a material is a robust material, known for its resistance to thermal changes and its low coefficient of expansion; in fact, the company declares that the maximum and minimum resistance temperatures are respectively 120 ° C and -20 ° C. Consequently, it is possible to use, a noteworthy feature, a single container for both hot and cold food and drink, without needing to change it every time according to the needs.

But what really makes this "kitchen machine" smart is not the quality of the materials, but the ability to control thermal insulation through your mobile phone! In fact, thanks to the specific App, it is possible to keep the product prepared at a set temperature for a time that can be changed at a distance up to 3 hours.

Viomi Xiaomi blender chopper kitchen machine tools app smartphone application smart distance

In terms of functions, in addition to the different operating speeds, we also find the function dedicated to cleaning: in fact, with the dedicated program you can clean the container simply by putting water, and the movement of the blades will make sure that the water cleans in all its internal parts the "bicchierone".

Now let's talk about sizes: the declared weight is 6,1kg, the maximum amount of cold water is 1750ml while the hot water is 1200ml. The measures are instead 236 x 221 x 494mm.

The price is 699 Chinese yuan, equivalent to 88 € approx.

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