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Exclusive! A real Huawei Mate 8 photo appears on the net!

Time Left poco less than ten days to the official presentation of Huawei's next flagship, the Mate 8. A few minutes ago, a leaked photo leaked into the net that seems to portray the back of this device. Find out in this article!

Here is the Huawei Mate 8 back cover!

the Huawei Mate 8 we've talked so much in these last few weeks, but unlike what happens to many other smartphones, so far we have never been able to reveal images or photos that reflect its true design. It seems the story has changed! A few minutes ago, a new leaked real photo leaked that seems to portray the back of the future home device Huawei.

Mate 8

As you can see, the device portrayed in the photo remembers exactly the one seen in the recent articles where, however, due to a protection "anti rumors", we could only look at the design of the camera and fingerprint reader.

Mate 8

It seems therefore a circular design is confirmed for these two elements, which, among other things, can be found in a leaked render in the morning reflecting the entire device.


What do you think of boys? If this were really the Mate 8 you'd like it?

I remind you that the phablet of Huawei will be presented to the next 26 November and, in addition to being equipped with the already certain processor Kirin HiSilicon 950, will be equipped, according to the rumors, of a display 2k from 6 inches, front and rear cameras of respectively 8 e 21 megapixel, of at least 3 GB of RAM and a battery with a higher capacity than the 4000 mAh.

For the moment there is still no reliable information about the launch price, unless new rumors come out, we will only discover it during the presentation event. Stay tuned!


Article Exclusive! A real Huawei Mate 8 photo appears on the net! seems to be the first of

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