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FOSSiBOT F3600 is the new portable charging station with exceptional performance

If you like camping or other outdoor activities, the new ones power stations have become a must have for the most passionate of the sector. In fact, these products allow you to station anywhere without having to worry about running out of charge on your smartphone and even power electric stoves to cook as if you were at home. One of the best power stations on the market is the Fossibot F3600, which today can be purchased on GeekMall at the price of 1799€ with the discount code ZV8JDRUL. Click here to see the offer.

FOSSiBOT F3600 is the new portable charging station with exceptional performance

But what makes the Fossibot F3600 one of the best portable charging stations on the market? Well, for starters the device can be recharged by regular outlet, solar energy, generator or car. It also supports a simultaneous input of 2200W wall and 2000W solar energy, so that it can be fully recharged in 1,5 hours. To charge the F3600 using solar energy, you can use 4 SP420 solar panels.

The Fossibot F3600 is equipped with as many ports as they can Power up to 13 devices simultaneously, including 4 PD ports, one cigarette lighter port, 2 QC 3.0 ports, 2 DC5521 ports, one XT60 port, 3 AC output ports, one AC input port and one XT90 input port. Thanks to this variety of ports, you can charge different devices, such as phones, drones and even power electric stoves.

The F3600 uses a 4Wh LiFePO3840 battery pack, protected by UPS and BMS, which provides exceptional safety and longevity with over 6500 recharge cycles and allows extended use for over 10 years. It provides a stable pure sine wave that does not cause damage to electrical appliances, and with UPS protection, ensures uninterrupted power supply.

The F3600 power station is designed with elegant wheels and an extendable handle, which allows us to carry it smoothly and easily like a suitcase. It is also equipped with a removable flashlight and a integrated LED light which will light up the area even at night. The product also comes with a cable storage bag, making it convenient to store all your charging cables.

Finally, the Fossibot F3600 has five levels of power input AC: 400W, 800W, 1200W, 1600W and 2200W. By selecting the appropriate power level, yes can optimize the charging speed according to our needs.

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