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The evolution of the Google Assistant: it will be based on generative AI

Big G is working on asignificant innovation for its Google Assistant, which will see the introduction of features based on generative artificial intelligence. This news emerges from a report di Axios, who had access to an internal communication from Google. In the email, the company reveals that it's already exploring a "turbo" Google Assistant, powered by the latest large language models (LLM).

A leap into the future: The Google Assistant is preparing for a major update based on generative AI

These templates are similar to the ones underpinning Chat GPT and the chatbot Bard by Google. The email reveals that “Part of the team has already started working on this, starting with the mobile sector.” As part of this transformation, Google announced a reduction of the team dedicated to the Assistant. The email obtained from Axios reports that the company is “eliminating a small number of roles“, without specifying the exact number of employees involved. Second Axios, Google fired “dozens” of workers.

Google Assistant

"We are excited to find out how i LLMs can help us enhance the Assistant and make it better further“, they say Peeyush Rajan, vice president of Google Assistant, e Duke Dukellis, the company's director of product, in the email. Google has not provided precise details on the new features it intends to introduce in the Assistant, but the potential is enormous. For example, the Assistant could leverage the same technology that powers its AI chatbot, Bard, allowing it to answer questions based on information it collects from around the web. Thus, turning the chatbot into a research tool as well, which is not in its nature.

It is not yet clear when Google plans to implement this technology in its smart home products. This aspect raises some privacy concerns which, we are sure, Google will consider. However, it is said that such a system will not arrive in Europe. Indeed, we know that the privacy regulations are much more stringent on our continent. Let's not forget that ChatGPT and Bard had problems and delays before they debuted with us.

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