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AI and AGI: Google CEO DeepMind predicts an imminent breakthrough

Although release of GPT-5 is not around the corner, it is possible that Artificial Intelligence will catch up with AGI in the next few years. The CEO of is sure of that Google DeepMind, the section of the Mountain View company that studies AI and its applications. In a recent interview with Wall Street Journal the CEO said that in the next decade we will reach that level. But is there anything to worry about?

What is AGI?

AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) is a type of artificial intelligence that aims to develop a machine capable of perform any task that a human can perform. In other words, AGI aims to create an AI that is generally intelligent and capable of performing a wide range of tasks without being specifically programmed for each one.

The AGI would represent a significant advancement compared to current limited artificial intelligence (AI), which is designed to perform specific tasks and lacks the ability to self-learn or adapt to new or unexpected situations. The AGI could have a significant impact on many areas, including the healthla sciencethe industry , company as a whole. However, it is still a target of active research and development, and there are many technical and ethical challenges before it can be done safely and effectively.

For comparison, existing neural networks can be described as "Narrow AI", as they are designed to perform and automate some kind of cognitive function with the ability to do it like a person or even better. In the case of “Strong AI” (General AI or AGI), we are talking about the program's ability to draw conclusions independently on the basis of incoming information and perform most of the tasks that a person is capable of. 

When will the AGI arrive?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing at an ever-faster pace and becoming more and more sophisticated. Second Half Hassabis, CEO of Google DeepMind, an AI with cognitive capabilities comparable to humans could be developed “in a few years… maybe by the end of the decade”. Hassabis co-founded Google DeepMind, a company that became famous for developing the AlphaGo AI, which beat the best human Go players in the world.

Experts believe that an AI with cognitive abilities comparable to those of humans (therefore AGI) it could revolutionize every aspect of life on Earth. It could be utilized as an entrepreneur, executive, consultant, and trader, with human-like reasoning skills, as well as the ability to learn information and execute code like a computer system.

The uncertainties about the existence of the AGI

However, there is also considerable uncertainty about the future of AI, and many tech industry leaders and researchers have called for a temporary pause in AI research. Elon Musk and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak are among the signatories of an open letter stressing the importance of developing AI in a cautious and controlled way.

AI has already revolutionized many industries, including marketing and advertising. One of the areas where AGI has the potential to have a huge impact is in cryptocurrencies. Fully autonomous machines may be able to act as traders, with human-like reasoning abilities, as well as the ability to learn information and execute code like a computer system. Clearly there are concerns about the safety and ethics of AI as well. There are concerns that advanced AI could be used for nefarious purposes, such as cyber warfare and mind control. Furthermore, AI could be used to replace human labor, creating mass unemployment.

And after the AGI?

Now let's really go into science fiction. In theory, after the AGI, comes the super artificial intelligence (ASI), which surpasses the intellectual abilities of any person and is able to instantly solve problems of any complexity. It's a concept theoretical which refers to a form of artificial intelligence that significantly surpasses human intelligence in all areas, including creativity, problem solving, learning, and understanding the world. ASI is considered a form of artificial general intelligence (AGI), but with a capacity for thought processing that surpasses that of any human being. There are several theories on how ASI could be achieved, including the "whole brain emulation" approach (here more information) and the “seed AI” approach (here more information).

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