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It's war of VR headsets: HTC will also release one, that's how it will be

We talked about one particular device poco long ago, a VR headset that you kill in the real world if you die in the virtual one. The gimmick (more publicity than anything else) was by Palmer Luckey, founder and creator of Oculus Rift. But today we talk about HTC. According to an insider, it seems that the company intends to launch one of the VR viewers that the market is clamoring for. The great thing is that it will be at all independent. Let's see the details.

VR viewers, whether they are from PlayStation or whoever it is, seem to interest the market. HTC wants one too, and we already know what it's going to look like

The blogger and YouTuber Brad Lynch says HTC is developing a new virtual reality headset. According to the author of the channel Sadly Its Bradley, the device does not yet have an official name, but something is already known about its capacity e technical. In particular, he says, the device will be completely autonomous.

According to the source, the newcomer of VR headsets it will look like the HTC Vive Flow, and in terms of autonomy it will be closer to HTC Vive Focus 3. The blogger says that the device will have five cameras: four for “scanning” the area and one auxiliary that will allow the owner to observe the environment without removing the headset. It has also been reported that the headset will support six degrees of freedom (6DoF). 

Small parenthesis: what does it mean? The whole thing is based on the concept of "degrees of freedom", therefore the movement and orientation of the body and head on 6 axes when we interact with the VR: 3 directional and 3 rotation axes.

3dof vs 6dof
Through | Gold World

Other information concerns the controllers: they will be similar to those of the Vive Focus 3 itself. A display with a resolution of 1920×1920 pixels and a 120 Hz refresh rate, and the mobile processor Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 it will become the "heart" of the accessory. Citing his sources, the blogger says he confirms a modular design of the VR headset, thanks to which it can be "disassembled" and resized with various elements.

htc vr headset

Of course, the release date and price of the HTC HTC VR headset are still unknown.

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