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iiiF150 R2022 official: the first rugged phone with 90Hz screen and premium hardware

The Chinese rugged smartphone brand iiiF150 has just launched a new high-end device under the name of R2022, the first rugged device that offers high performance without compromising display quality and without the heavy weight that distinguishes this category. Key new features include a display refresh rate of 90Hz, a touch sampling rate of 180Hz, a powerful HelioG95 4G ​​flagship processor, and a potential battery life of a whopping 2 months in extreme mode while being 30% thinner than the average. Let's go find out more!

iiiF150 R2022 official: the first rugged phone with 90Hz screen and premium hardware

Designed with a very recognizable and aggressive octagonal shape, the R2022 stands out among many rugged phones and particularly among younger users. The powerful features allow you to use your smartphone during activities such as hiking, cycling and all outdoor adventure activities.

The iiiF150 R2022 is the first rugged smartphone with a 6,78 FHD display that has a refresh rate of 90Hz and a tactile sample rate of 180Hz. While thanks to its sturdy design and 1,1mm thick Corning Gorilla Glass, the R2022 can withstand the impact of a 1,8J drop from a steel ball, so it's 9 times stronger than the average smartphones such as the iPhone 12.

The R2022 is also the first rugged phone with 64MP and 20MP dual AF cameras and infrared night vision function to light up at night, which not only provides excellent image quality during the day, but also night surveillance. flawless when camping, hunting at night, and especially for those who work in special conditions.

Like all other smartphones in the rugged category, robustness is inevitably its strong point. The R2022 is a dive ready device and can stay in 1,5m depth of water for 8 hours, which is about 4 times better than the rugged industry benchmark. In addition, it can work perfectly in a temperature range from -20 to 70 ℃.

Just as the brand slogan says, robustness and safety are everything when it comes to rugged phones. Therefore, iiiF150 has done everything possible to make the perfect smartphone in this category. Passing 8000 times the compression test, 20000 times the drop test, 600 times the spin test, 150000 times the touch screen and 100000 times the fingerprint unlock test. The iiiF150 brand is pushing the limits to produce the best rugged device with its unique approach.

The iiiF150 R2022 is equipped with 8300mAh battery and is able to last for 2 months in Extreme mode. The high-end smartphone is then powered by a flagship processor, the MediaTek Helio G95, which makes watching HDR movies online a much smoother experience, even for 4K video at 30FPS. The chipset integrates an 8-core CPU and 800MHz GPU that allow for a smoother gaming experience even with multiple people joining online at the same time. The CPU is then assisted by 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory.

While the in-house developed antenna technology allows the use of the global frequency band. Thanks to this innovation, the R2022 achieved a 20% faster connection speed than the average of flagship smartphones and a 10% higher signal improvement speed. This makes the R2022 suitable for multiple usage scenarios while providing secure communication for outdoor activities, especially in remote areas. People who work as a security guard or supervisor may find it particularly powerful and versatile in their working conditions. "

As for pricing, the iiiF150 R2022 is now available on Aliexpress with the Early Bird promotion starting at 0:00 on September 6 PST time zone for the price of only $199,99 (limited pieces).

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