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The Huawei Mate S fingerprint reader will be multifunctional!

As previously said, Huawei will present his neighbor phablet top of the range,IFA of Berlin. Richard Yu, CEO of the Chinese company, started a countdown on its social networking page Weibo, publishing the first of a series of images teaser concerning their own Mate S. Also the senior vice president of Huawei, Yu Chengdong, confirmed that the next company flagship will be officially unveiled at the event Berlin.

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The "5"(As in the photo) seems to be the magic number and the day we will see the new device? Who knows. Also, this number could indicate that the sensor of fingerprints could come with five different functions, although until now they are completely a mystery. Furthermore, the possibility of blocking some contents, videos, photos, messages, with the help of the sensor cannot be excluded. We do not rule out that a mobile payment system may have been included, perhaps the same Google Pay?




We just have to wait about 3 days to find out all the features of this device ...


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Simone Rodriguez
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