The F2 Pocophone may arrive sooner than expected

The Pocophone F1 announced a few months ago is already one of the most popular smartphones by Xiaomi fans and by those who prefer a more performing terminal at a competitive price than a more expensive one that costs twice as much and maybe has worse specifications.

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Well, apparently the company has recognized the success of the smartphone and the Poco series in general, or at least that's what we could deduce from a post published by Xiaomi India.

In the post, which is actually an advertisement for the F1 Pocophone on the famous Flipkart Indian sales site, the company claims that if you buy a F1 today, you will get a discount for the next Pocophone if you decide to upgrade.

The F2 Pocophone may arrive sooner than expected

Xiaomi Pocophone F2

Specifically, Xiaomi has announced that those who buy a F1 Pocophone will receive 11 € discount, plus 14700 Rupees, about 172 € and 70% of the price, discount on the purchase of the Pocophone (F2?) Within 6 or 8 months. Not being Indian and not being able to take advantage of the offer (which would drop the net price of the Pocophone F1 to about 68 €), the most interesting part of the post is just the end: within 6 or 8 months.

This, logically, should mean that Xiaomi has already planned the launch of the next flagship killer between about 6 / 8 months. Knowing Xiaomi, this date seems realistic enough and therefore we should not be surprised.

Xiaomi Pocophone F2

Obviously the news (if you can call it?) Will not please all the owners of the new Pocophone F1. That said, if you had to wait for 6 or 8 months for the release of another terminal with a better price-specific ratio, you would never buy any smartphone.

For those who may not follow Xiaomi very closely, remember that the Pocophone F1 launched by the Xiaomi sub-brand is a device equipped with the performing Snapdragon 845, 6GB or 8GB of RAM and 64GB to 256GB of internal memory, depending on the variant chosen, with a price starting from 296€.


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Bonjour. J'ai remarqué sur a clip publicitaire, promouvant le Pocophone F2, the face of the appearing ne ne présente pas d'encoche (visible cell sur ses représentations en votre page) corn un trou au niveau du bord supérieur comme sur le Oneplus 7 à venir. Pouvez-vous me dire qui est dans le vrai à ce sujet ou s'il ya possibilité de choisir entre ces deux modèles. Pour ma part je suis pour le trou (environment 4.5 mm de diamètre semble-t-il). Merci de votre réponse.

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