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The Redmi Notes 2 could debut along with the MIUI 7: a 799 Yuan launch price is expected!

The date of the 13 August for the official presentation of the MIUI 7. According to some rumors circulating in this period as well, in conjunction with the arrival of the new one MIUI 7, it is very likely the presentation of a new Xiaomi smartphone.

Among the devices still missing the most papable appeal is certainly the Redmi Note second-generation smartphones, of which we already know, among other things appearance and technical features thanks to the data provided by us Tena.

The object of this article, however, is the likely launch price of this device, the price which, if confirmed, will really incredible for such a terminal. According to what is reported on the famous Chinese e-commerce site JD in fact, the Redmi Note 2 will be available from 16 August at the price of 799 Yuan, the equivalent of about 120 € at the current exchange rate. A price, as mentioned before, not to be believed, especially if we consider that this refers to the version of the device with 32 GB of internal memory.

What do you think of one Redmi Note 2 at this price? Would you go naked?


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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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