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New Logo for Meizu. Find out with us!

Many of us know that the event will be held today in China Meizu. We've seen a series of teaser appeared on the web of the new one Pro 5, which we will see today, as well as some other surprises that the company has already mentioned earlier. We have now revealed to you a surprise that many of you do not expect. Which? The introduction of the new logo!


Meizu Logo

Logo Logo


Have you noticed something strange these days? It seems that many companies are working to renew their logo starting from Google, Lenovo until you get to Verizon, and now it also touches on Meizu.


Logo Logo


The news on the new brand ends here. This is just a detail, but today will not be the day of the new brand, but of its new top of the range… the Pro 5!!



Article New Logo for Meizu. Find out with us! seems to be the first of

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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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