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MediaTek's Dimensity 9300 will have a monster GPU but will it solve a big problem?

The world of mobile processors is always in turmoil, with companies competing to provide the best performance, power efficiency and innovative features. MediaTek, one of the leading figures in this field together with Qualcomm, is preparing to announce its new chip Dimensity 9300, arousing not poco interest. The chip in question will challenge Apple with a new configuration and new cores.

How the MediaTek Dimensity 9300 will improve

The official presentation of Dimensity 9300 is scheduled for late October and the community is already all ears, ready to discover the detailed specifications of the newcomer. One of the main attractions of this processor lies in a core that promises to achieve a maximum clock speed of 3,25 GHz, standing out for its potential to offer notable performance.

mediatek dimensity 9300

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Overheating resolved?

One of the most discussed peculiarities of the Dimensity 9300 concerns its core configuration. MediaTek has chosen to implement not one, but well four Cortex-X4 cores. Of these, as mentioned, only one core operates at the high frequency of 3,25 GHz, while the specifications of the other three remain an enigma.

This apparently powerful architecture is completed by the presence of four other Cortex-A720 cores, structuring everything in a 1+3+4 model. An important issue arises here: energy efficiency. The absence of Cortex-A520 cores, known for their lower energy consumption, raises serious questions about the balance between power and consumption of the Dimensity 9300, especially in comparison to the rival Snapdragon 8 Gen 3.

This will clearly translate, if not confirmed, into a truly significant heat production. The crux of the matter, however, is upstream: It is not possible, for now, to create mobile chips that are both extremely efficient and powerful, and cold. The technology we have doesn't allow it.

GPU for monstrous graphics

When it comes to user experiences, especially in gaming and multimedia, the GPU plays a crucial role. The Dimensity 9300 will be equipped with a 720-core Mali Immortalis G12 GPU. While the lack of precise performance data makes it difficult to paint a definitive picture, circulating rumors suggest that this GPU can exceed Snapdragon 8 January 3. This preview raises quite a few expectations, expectations that can only be confirmed or denied with in-depth post-launch tests.

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