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Do you want an AI chatbot from Meta? Why not many and personalized

Meta is working on a revolutionary initiative: the introduction of a generative AI chatbot, internally named “Genre AI Personas“, specifically designed for younger users. This innovation, scheduled to be announced during the event Meta Connect, is destined to revolutionize user interaction by offering more varied and dynamic behaviors, in tune with the needs and expectations of younger people. But not only that: why make just one and not many?

Launch details

The information leaked from the Wall Street Journal indicate that Meta's new AI chatbots will be launched during the Meta Connect event. These chatbots, equipped with different “someone“, were developed in response to the rise of ChatGPT, which has emerged as one of the fastest growing apps over the past year. The goal is to create a more engaging and captivating interaction with young users, offering a unique and personalized user experience.

What are personas

“Personas” are profiles or characterizations created for exampler simulate different personality types or behaviors humans, in order to make the user experience more engaging and personalized. These allow chatbots to communicate in a more natural and human way, reflecting various communication styles and tones.

The different “personas” of Meta's chatbots have been carefully developed and tested, with the aim of making each interaction unique and interesting. Among these, a "person" inspired by Bender from Futurama it's a “Alvin the Alien” . These “personas” are designed to stimulate user interest and curiosity, while maintaining a balance to avoid possible concerns related to privacy and the collection of personal information.

meta chatbot with personas bender by futuroma

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Meta Goals

Meta has grand ambitions for its AI chatbots, with plans to create “dozens” of these innovative bots. The company has also developed an authoring tool that will allow celebrities to create their own custom chatbots to interact with fans. Clearly the race for the best AI has begun some time ago with OpenAI and its ChatGPT which is evolving day by day. Among other things, let's remember that ChatGPT will soon integrate DALL-E 3.

Meta's main goal is to keep users engaged for as long as possible, offering innovative and interesting products, to have “more opportunities to serve you advertisements“. as the WSJ reports. So if on the one hand it will be nice to deal with this sort of digital avatars in the form of chatbots, on the other hand you also need to be ready to be flooded with ads.

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