Oclean X Pro Elite Review - Even the smile becomes SMART

The market for electric toothbrushes is certainly not the most interesting and full of novelties, but in recent years there are many intelligent solutions that the various manufacturers have brought to the attention of the public. Solutions connected to our smartphones, able to provide statistics on the brushing style as well as providing indications and suggestions for better hygiene of our mouth.

Among the companies linked to the Xiaomi brand we find Oclean that gives poco has launched the new Ocelan X Pro Elite on the market, which differs from the crowd due to the integration of a touch screen that is very reminiscent of the display of a Mi Band 4, as well as a series of improved sensors compared to past generations. But let's not get lost in chat and let's find out together in this complete review.

Oclean X Pro Elite
Free shipping - Secure payment - 2 year warranty
Oclean X Pro Elite Review - Even the smile becomes SMART

Like any self-respecting review, even for the Oclean X Pro Elite we start from the contents of the sales package, which offers the following equipment:

  • Oclean X Pro Elite;
  • Washing head;
  • Multilingual user manual (but the Italian is absent);
  • USB induction charging base (5V / 1A input);
  • Magnetic wall fixing base with 3M adhesive.
oclean x pro elite

I would say to go very fast as regards the design of the product, since as interesting as it is in terms of features, it is still an electric toothbrush. As mentioned before, the peculiarity lies in the integration on the front of the handle of a small touchscreen display which in turn offers a physical button for confirming certain actions, distinguished by a silver ring. The materials used are opaque ABS for the handle with a semi-rough finish that slightly recalls pumice stone, thus increasing the grip with the toothbrush in consideration that it could slip due to the water it collides with.

On the lower base we find the charging plate which takes place by induction and since we have introduced the topic, let's talk about charging. Specifically, Oclean X Pro Elite is powered by an 800 mAh battery that recharges in about 3,5 hours and allows you to reach a maximum of 40 days of use with a "classic" use, while we go down to 20 days of autonomy with a "dynamic" use, or by exploiting the many features and degrees of intensity of brushing offered by the product.

The head offers antibacterial DuPont bristles, with medium hardness and as trivial as it may seem in the context, I liked the small silicone detail inserted in the back of the head, offering the possibility to brush the tongue too.

oclean x pro elite

Ok we come to some technical specifications, such as the presence of a Bluetooth 5.0, which allows the transmission of cleaning statistics to our smartphone, using the companion app available for both Android and iOS. Of course, the IPX7 certification is not lacking, which is not exactly obvious in consideration of a touch display inserted in the handle.

oclean x pro elite

Before going into the features I want to say a few words about the cleaning and washing sensation of the Oclean X Pro Elite. In particular, in my case, the head turned out to be perfect, in the sense that I did not recognize excessive hardness or softness, even suffering from teeth subject to bleeding due to the bad habit of smoking but above all the feeling of cleanliness and freshness left in the mouth it is something that surprised me in a positive sense, not encountered until today with my personal electric toothbrush. The ergonomics of the handle and the materials used also contribute to the excellent dental washing experience, without tiring the hand with which we brush, net of a weight contained in only 101,5 grams.

oclean x pro elite

An already mentioned feature of the Oclean X Pro Elite is precisely the touch screen display integrated into the handle, a 0,96-inch TFT LCD unit. To wake up the screen, just shake your toothbrush or press the physical button: we will be greeted with a "warm" hello in English (Hi) as well as the current time and if you think about it, this can come in handy at night, when you get up to go to the bathroom and you don't have a phone or smartwatch with you but you want to know what time it is. The only discordant note is the fact that the written in Italian of the menus overlap each other ... we hope that a firmware update will solve the problem.

The touch control works very well, better than many fitness trackers I've tried recently, although it should be noted that you move in the system only by means of swipe up / down, so no lateral movements. The system menu is divided into 5 screens, in addition to the aforementioned home, divided as follows:

  • Screen 1: the battery charge status, the chosen cleaning program and the degree of intensity are displayed;
oclean x pro elite
  • Screen 2: access to the choice of cleaning programs, choosing between the classic model, sensitive, massage, whitening. The confirmation of the program is done by clicking on the physical button;
  • Screen 3: from here we can choose the degree of intensity to be given to the bristles for cleaning, with options ranging from 1 to a maximum of 32;
  • Screen 4: from here we can decide the time of the cleaning program, starting from 2 minutes minimum, or choose 2,5 or 3 minutes;
  • Screen 5: we are simply provided with the information about the software version of the toothbrush, since through the app we can update the software if the company releases firmware updates.

Oclean X Pro Elite by means of the sonic electric motor, manages to reach up to 42000 oscillations per minute, but without emitting a high noise (only 45 dB), another advantage for those like me who are forced to get up at 4:30 in the morning. thus being able to proceed with oral hygiene without creating disturbances to those who are still fortunately under the covers.

Returning to the display, once you have made your choice on the complete teeth cleaning program, just push the physical button to start it, or press it again to pause. In any case, once the cleaning session has started, the countdown of the remaining time will be displayed on the screen, which is also expressed graphically by a ring that is colored as time passes. At each 30-second step, the program stops for a microsecond, thus marking the transition to another area of ​​the mouth to be cleaned. Once the program is finished, a graph relating to the teeth will also be displayed with any areas omitted from cleaning, making us immediately aware of the washing method used, whether uniform or not., Also giving us a score up to a maximum of 100.

All this is possible thanks to a 6-axis gyroscope and a pressure sensor, thus monitoring our movements such as the inclination of the toothbrush, offering a truly stunning care of the collected data, if we think that so much intelligence comes from a simple electric toothbrush.

But the real thrust comes from the companion Oclean app, from which we can also take advantage of additional washing programs based on our needs (up to 12 are available), such as the one for those who wear dental technicians, or customize them as needed. , for example, if you drink coffee regularly, you will receive a recommendation for a whitening mode, even being able to insert up to 6 different washing steps.

The application is simple but functional and consists of 3 macro cards, one of which is dedicated to cleaning programs, while the homepage provides the statistics relating to the washes carried out, complete with a history. It is possible to view the cleaning effect obtained with further specification about the areas to be cleaned better, but we also have the possibility of having statistics about the use of the head, complete with a reminder on when it is time to replace it.

Oclean X Pro Elite
Free shipping - Secure payment - 2 year warranty
Oclean X Pro Elite Review - Even the smile becomes SMART


There is no doubt that the intelligence and technology used by Oclean X Pro Elite allows you to get the best out of a simple tooth washing, managing to bring home constant results that will bring back in us the desire to smile or rather show ours. smile. Of course, you need to be constant in use and if you have rotten teeth it is not that the product works miracles, but personally I found the use of this electric toothbrush stimulating, precisely because of the application that allows you to customize washes and view statistics. establishing on a psychological level almost a sort of personal challenge, to obtain the maximum possible score and of course a result for all personal benefit.

Oclean X Pro Elite is perhaps one of the most complete, functional and cheap smart toothbrushes that we find in the tech landscape, offering premium functions that we rarely find even on the most famous brand devices, so I feel I can recommend it to all those who are search for a product of this kind, which is functional without having to exceed the outlay, as brands of the caliber of Oral-B require.

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9.2 Total score

The new smart toothbrush from Oclean, the X Pro Elite model, has no defects and the selling price in relation to the many functions offered is certainly one of the many points in favor of this device. Many cleaning customizations and a good application that will stimulate you to obtain increasingly effective results. Oclean X Pro Elite also confirms in this market that you don't need to spend a fortune to get optimal results. In short, with him you will smile again.

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