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OnePlus 12: the 5 improvements that we will find on the smartphone

In recent years, OnePlus has received criticism for losing touch with its fans, as it used to do at the beginning of its journey. However, according to the trusted insider Yogesh brar, the Chinese manufacturer has decided to listen to its users in the development of its next flagship. This is something that many brands should do, even if some companies focus (often) on the wrong features of the devices. Let's check the 5 improvements of OnePlus 12.

Here's what OnePlus 12, the next top-of-the-range smartphone of 2024, will improve on

The future OnePlus 12 promises to be a truly cutting-edge product. Brar points out that the phone will be improved over the current model in five main areas:

  1. an improved next-generation display
  2. a new sensor for the main camera, possibly bigger like that of Xiaomi 13Ultra
  3. a telephoto camera
  4. faster charging
  5. symmetrical design, which we don't see very often lately
Oneplus 12

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Sadly, the insider's claims are pretty general and don't answer specific questions, like if theOnePlus 12 will have a flat screen without curves, a main camera with a one-inch sensor like in other flagships, a camera with a optical magnification greater than 2x, water protection and other distinctive features of competitors. However, we can be sure that OnePlus will definitely use the Qualcomm's top-of-the-line processor, as it has done with every previous flagship.

When will OnePlus 12 come out

Brar revealed that it will be presented in China in December, and that the global launch is scheduled for first quarter of 2024, as was the case with the previous model. One thing we already knew, considering that the eleventh model made its debut on the global market this year and a top-of-the-range model is usually expected per year. It goes without saying that it will equip Android 14 e OxygenOS 13.

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