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The OxygenOS of OnePlus is the best UI according to Master Lu

When we talk about Androidobviously we refer to an open and super customizable system. Most users appreciate this type of device because of the great freedom they allow at the software level. Taking advantage of this, the telephone companies have decided to develop their own UI, a personalized skin. To name a few: MIUI for Xiaomi, ColorOS for Oppo, RealmeUI for Realme e OxygenOS for OnePlus. But which is the best? For Master Lu, OnePlus is the first ever

OnePlus's OxygenOS ranks first in the best Android-based custom skin

Before seeing the complete ranking, a little curiosity: did you know that in China this UI is called Hydrogen and not Oxygen?

The OxygenOS of OnePlus is the best UI according to Master Lu

Master Lu yesterday announced the top Android UI ranking for the first quarter of 2020. With 151.8 points, the OnePlus OxygenOS (HydrogenOS) triumphs on the other 9 UI of other brands and indeed, it is the only one to exceed the score of 150 points. The evaluation elements of Master Lu to decide the best smartphone user interface include the use in desktop mode, the use of applications, loading and scrolling of web content, viewing photos, testing copy of files and flash memory, and starting automatically. These are just some of the elements used by the well-known benchmark portal but which are nevertheless fundamental.

The OxygenOS of OnePlus is the best UI according to Master Lu

However, we are struck by a very curious fact. Because JoyUI is third in the ranking although it is based on MIUI 11 which is tenth? The reason is only one: while BlackShark smartphones are few and belong to a single band (basically the high one), those of Xiaomi and Redmi are many and among them there are also entry level devices. These are the ones with one castrated skin as they must pursue a very very high quality-price ratio. Furthermore, the MIUI-hardware relationship is different between a Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro and a Redmi 5.

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