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Pixel Watch 3 will be in dual format, so everyone is satisfied

Wearable technology is about to take another leap forward with the introduction of two new sizes of pixel watch 3 by Google. After criticism of the too small dimensions of previous versions, the company it seems ready to launch a tailor-made solution for all wrists. Google's third generation smartwatch will in fact be in two sizes. Here are the details.

Double measure for Google Pixel Watch 3: here's what to expect

Google is responding to user requests, planning the launch of two different sizes for its Pixel Watch 3. The news follows the complaints regarding the small size of the first two generations of these wearable devices. A source close to the company revealed that two versions of the Pixel Watch 3 will be developed this year, aimed at satisfying a wider range of preferences and needs.

The Pixel Watch 2 introduced significant improvements compared to the original model, but the design has remained essentially unchanged, maintaining a diameter of 41 mm and a thickness of 12.3 mm. The crown remains the only major visual difference, making it otherwise difficult to distinguish the two versions at first glance.

Size is a crucial aspect when talking about items to wear on the wrist. While the Pixel Watch was adequate for some, others found it too small. In the world of wearables, a larger case can mean better technical specifications, including a more powerful battery and more space for sensors. Additionally, on a smartwatch, a larger display offers a substantial improvement in visibility, functionality and interactivity.

pixel watch 2
The Google Pixel Watch 2

For now, it doesn't appear that Google has any plans to differentiate features between the two sizes, other than the screen and maybe a slightly larger battery. The recent reorganization between Fitbit and Google hardware shouldn't affect product development in the near term, although plans could obviously change before launch.

Looking at the competitive landscape, Samsung offers the Galaxy Watch 6 in 40mm and 44mm sizes, in addition to the Classic versions from 43 mm and 47 mm, both with the same screen size but with the addition of a rotating bezel and the use of stainless steel instead of aluminum. Meanwhile, theApple Watch Series 9 It is available in sizes of 41mm or 45mm.

Hopefully, Google will take this opportunity to minimize the frame and add a larger display even on the smallest model. A big unknown remains the compatibility of existing straps with the new larger size, considering the curvature of the device.

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