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Blackview OSCAL PowerMax 3600, the rugged portable power station, lands on Indiegogo

In December BlackView & OSCAL, a brand renowned for its rugged phones, have presented the first portable power station with the same indestructibility characteristics: Blackview OSCAL PowerMax 3600.

What sets PowerMax 3600 apart from others?

Worries about accidental drops vanish thanks to its material construction Reinforced ABS+PC with resistance to vertical drops up to 0,8 meters. It can be used anywhere, from humid places to dusty construction sites, because it effectively blocks the entry of some solid particles and vertical water splashes. Whether exploring the glaciers of Alaska or the vast deserts of the Sahara, it remains unscathed from -20°C to 55°C (ideal -10°C to 45°C). PowerMax 3600 offers more than that Five LED lighting modes, but it can also be used to transmit additional information using Morse code.

BlackView Oscal PowerMax 3600

Expandable Power with Luggage-sized Design

Compared to other fixed capacity products, the PowerMax 3600 offers a expandable capacity from 3,6 kWh to 57,6 kWh using up to 15 extra batteries (3,6 kWh/each) to exploit its full potential in any situation. Despite its considerable capacity, it saves users a world of trouble thanks to its trolley-like design with handles and wheels. Whether for RVs or home emergencies, it is perfect for any power supply with an output power of 3.600W that can power 99% of essential devices. In the event of an unscheduled outage, all of the family's appliance charging needs will be met with yours 14 power outlets.

Blackview OSCAL PowerMax 3600

Long Lasting Battery and Super Fast Instant Changeover to UPS

The PowerMax 3600 combo is based on particularly robust and long-lasting LiFePO4 cells. It features a battery management system (BMS) with eight protections, so that any problems can be promptly resolved. If the power grid goes down, the 24/7 power system (UPS) will not leave users in the dark and it will intervene in just 5 ms.

Blackview OSCAL PowerMax 3600

Different Charging Modes: Up to 80% in Just 0,96 Hours

In addition to conventional charging methods such as AC charging, solar charging, in-car charging and dual charging, the PowerMax 3600 can be charged with electric vehicle charging stations, gas generators, lead-acid batteries and most ecological and zero-cost energy from solar, wind or water sources. Combined with a photovoltaic source and an AC source, si recharges from 0% to 80% SOC at a speed of 3600W in just 0,96 hours.

Easy to Use Control and Eco-Friendly Use

In addition to the convenient and large LCD display With easy-to-read characters, OSCAL PowerMax 3600 adopts thumb-sized buttons for physical control and a smart app for remote control. Unlike gas generators, it works without emitting toxic fumes or disturbing the peace, with noise emitted of only 62dB at most (at a distance of 1,5 metres), making it usable even in narrow, closed spaces.

Blackview OSCAL PowerMax 3600 Price and Availability on Indiegogo

Starting January 10th, Blackview OSCAL PowerMax 3600 will be available on Indiegogo for just $1799. Bundles with accessories such as additional batteries, carts, solar panels, car charging cables and AC charging cables will also be available. Don't miss the bonus benefits: all fundraiser supporters have the opportunity to unlock exclusive gifts.

From the day of release, the Delivery is expected in 7-10 days. Blackview OSCAL will take care of the warranty directly and offers one 4-year warranty with 24/7 online support and several offline service centers.

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