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2023 flagships with Snapdragon SoCs will enjoy AV1 support

Qualcomm is the (still) largest processor manufacturer for Android smartphones. Waiting for that MediaTek overtook it (because this will happen), news arrives that could change the cards on the table. The arrival of the AV1 video codec it is in great demand as it would increase the streaming video quality by lowering the bandwidth used. Second as reported, this codec would arrive next year on the flagship SoCs produced by the US company.

What is AV1 codec support? We will explain it to you briefly by announcing that Qualcomm will introduce it on the flagships with its 2023 SoCs

According to information that we have received, Qualcomm is already working on the introduction of the video codec AV1 to be introduced on next year's Snapdragon processors. Internally known as SM8550, the processor that will integrate the AV1 codec should be introduced not before the end of this year, which means we shouldn't expect smartphones until 2023. The chip's Adreno video processing unit will support native AV1 decoding, something none of Qualcomm's previous chips have offered.

av1, the video codec will be introduced by qualcomm
The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor will perhaps integrate the AV1 codec

The GM of Qualcomm Mobile Alex Katouzian had previously declared to AnandTech that the company had not been able to add support to its existing chips due to long business planning cycles, but that he would add it in a short time.

However, don't think that Qualcomm is the first company to integrate the AV1 codec on its processors. On the contrary. Samsung announced last month that his new chip Exynos 2200 it is endowed with it. Likewise MediaTek partnered with Broadcomm to do so. Google instead, it is launching a Chromecast with Google TV capable of streammare high definition video. Netflix in the same way it is mobilizing.

It must also be said that the basis of today's lack of support for this codec is also the scarcity of streaming video content to watch.

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