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realme launches MagDart magnetic wireless charging devices

realme is working on a system of magnetic wireless charging for its Android phones and today revealed a full range of products that will use the new technology. The company calls the system Mag Dart and it's basically a powerful version of the system MagSafe Apple for the iPhone 12 range of phones. But let's see the whole range of products presented, as several have been introduced.

realme MagDart: here are all the new wireless charging devices launched by realme today. Detailed specifications and prices of the devices

The key product of the range is the 50W MagDart Charger, which according to realme is the fastest magnetic wireless charger in the world. It has an inevitably bulky cube-shaped design that makes room for a cooling fan. When a smartphone is connected to the company's 65W SuperDart wired charger, it will fill a smartphone battery from 4.500 mAh up to 100% in 54 minutes. Well, with the 50W MagDart the battery recharges almost at the same time.

realme magdart 50w: magnetic wireless charger

If we don't want to connect a charging brick to the device, realme is also working on a charger 15W MagDart a little more elegant and convenient, which basically looks like Apple's MagSafe disk. The company notes that his is the 26.4% thinner and that the charging speed is higher. Fills a battery from 4.500 mAh in 90 minutes, which would really be much faster than Apple's 15W option.

realme magdart 50w: magnetic wireless charger

Aside from the convenience of wireless charging, one of the main benefits of a magnetic design like MagDart and MagSafe is the potential for accessories without door, and realme has many. The MagDart Power Bank 2-in-1 it's similar to Apple's recently released MagSafe Battery Pack, but it comes with a dock that allows you to use the battery as a stand for your phone.

realme magdart: magnetic wireless charger. all specifications

The MagDart Case is a carbon fiber case for the new flagship phone realme gt and with a USB-C port and headphone jack, as well as integrated MagDart connectivity.

realme magdart case for realme gt

The MagDart Wallet is instead one three-compartment case similar to Apple's MagSafe wallet. But this one has a kickstand and is done in vegan skin high quality.

magdart wallet: realme wallet with three compartments

MagDart Beauty Light is a flip ring selfie light powered by reverse wireless charging. It has 60 mini LEDs and a dedicated control button which allows you to adjust settings such as brightness and color temperature.

selfie light built into the smartphone

The company hasn't said anything about either release date or pricing for any of these products. As far as we know, the only confirmed existing smartphone that works with any MagDart device is the GT. However, that's only if you buy the dedicated case. The company demonstrated the ecosystem with a "concept phone ”called realm Flash, which is pictured in the images above and has MagDart directly integrated, but there are no plans yet to actually release it.

Wireless charging is one of the key omissions of Chinese smartphones that otherwise have impressive specs: Oppo has only recently adopted the technology and alive has yet to do it. And since Oppo's VOOC fast charging system has arrived on OnePlus and Realme smartphones due to the companies' shared ownership and supply chain, it's plausible that the same could happen with MagDart.

Indeed many users expect that this type of charging can also arrive on OnePlus devices soon. Sharing the same parent company has led the two companies to produce practically similar smartphones. Fortunately, however, it is still there live which, at least for now, does not seem to want (or have?) to continue along the same line. The Chinese giant is quite different from the rest of the company thanks to the highly qualitative policy of its products.

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