Here is the RedMi Note 4X Special Edition for Jingdong but… no red ?!

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Yesterday we had anticipated that today Xiaomi would have presented a variant of RedMi Note 4X specially designed for platform marketing Jingdong. Well, the variant was presented but did not meet the expectations! Let's find out why.



Presented RedMi Note 4X but the peculiarity is not the color!

Unlike what was planned and how much was leaked yesterday by the poster published by Xiaomi himself, the RedMi Note 4X Jingdong Edition he has talked about himself not so much about the colorings but about the launch price!

Yes, you understand it well! Xiaomi did not mean in any way, today, that RedMi Note 4X will be presented in red coloring, either in special edition or in classic variation. But then what changes ?!


As the most careful of you will have seen, change the price! In fact, unlike the classic RedMi Note 4X sold for about 999 yuan (130 euro), the latest version will be commercialized starting from 799 yuan (approximately EUR 105) for the happiness of the users.

Proceed to purchase from a PC and log in to the website, otherwise the code will not be valid

According to what posted by Xiaomi at the presentation stage, then the new device is not distinguished in any way from the previous version since it will present the classic SoC Snapdragon 625

e 3 GB of RAM memory.



We can then summarize the models and versions of RedMi Note 4X.

  • RedMi Note 4X (3GB - 16GB / 32GB) - Snapdragon 625
  • RedMi Note 4X (3GB - 16GB) Special Edition Jingdong - Snapdragon 625
  • RedMi Note 4X (4GB - 64GB) Hatsune Miku Edition - Snapdragon 625
  • RedMi Note 4X Pro (4GB - 64GB) - Mediatek Helio X20

Proceed to purchase from a PC and log in to the website, otherwise the code will not be valid

Again, therefore, Xiaomi surprised even the most careful fans. Obviously this presentation does not directly affect us as the new one RedMi Note 4X will be put on sale starting from 19 May but will be reserved for the users of the Jingdong portal which, as you can imagine, is predominantly in Chinese territory. However, we can imagine that the launch of this cheaper version could push the other RedMi Note 4X variants down. Hope is lawful in short!


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