Roborock H6 is the new electric broom ready to challenge Dyson, from today on Xiaomi crowdfunding

Even if the weather is quite unstable, spring has started for a few days and as tradition has it, housewives have taught us that it is time for cleaning, so it is better to do it in a smart way. So here comes the Xiaomi ecosystem, a new wireless electric broom, proposed by the Roborock brand and which makes power its strong point. The new portable vacuum cleaner is called Roborock H6 and offers a suction power of 150 AW (Air Watt) but above all it modernizes thanks to the inclusion of an OLED multifunction display, the quae provides valuable information during cleaning sessions.

Crowdfunding on Youpin it started today and for the new Roborock H6 2499 yuam are required thanks to a coupon of 200 yuan reserved for users, but the final price after the coupons will be 2699 yuan, or about 347 euros at the current exchange rate.


Roborock H6 is the new electric broom ready to challenge Dyson, from today on Xiaomi crowdfunding

Roborock H6 is powered by a battery capable of lasting up to 90 minutes in energy saving mode, useful for collecting the lightest dirt, or 45 minutes in standard mode which decrease to 10 in turbo mode, i.e. at the maximum suction power of 25000 Pa, a cyclonic force capable of capturing the most stubborn dirt while the supplied HEPA and washable filter allows effective air-dust separation throughout the process. The filtration efficiency of the entire machine is 99,97%, blocking pollutants 8 times smaller than PM2.5.


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The wireless vacuum cleaner weighs only 1,43 kg, which in combination with an ergonomic design does not bother cleaning operations, even the most complex ones. But the gem of Roborock H6 lies in the integration of an OLED display, which allows you to know the real-time information of the battery, charging progress, cleaning mode chosen but above all reminds us to carry out maintenance of our home gadget, advising us on the filter cleaning status etc ..

Of course there is a whole series of accessories supplied that give us a wide versatility of use of this Roborock H6, as in the car, inside drawers, as well as the inevitable anti mite brush, for mattresses and sofas. If you want to better understand the uses of such a vacuum cleaner we recommend you to watch the video review above. And what kind of "housewife" are you? Classic with rag in hand or smart?

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With less money and equal performance you can take the Shunzao Z11 pro

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