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Smartphone without side frames: Oppo patent appears online

By now, the trend of the moment is to create smartphones with ever-thinner frames that allow you to create devices with, at the same time, large displays and small dimensions. In this regard we talk about the Chinese company Oppo, which, given the recent leaked images we propose below, seems to have patented a technology that will enable smartphone without side frames, or, as they speak in jargon, edge to edge. Here is the image of the patent in question. gsmarena_002   We try to understand how it works. What you see is a section of the smartphone seen from below: what is indicated with the number 21 is the display, while the black rectangle indicated with the number 22 is the lateral edge of the latter. The real technological innovation lies entirely in the glass that will cover the display (in the figure is indicated with the number 3): in fact is characterized by a particular curvature on the side edges that exploits the phenomenon of light refraction to show the image even where the display is not physically present. In other words, the light coming from the ends of the display affects the curved part of the glass at various angles, and is reflected perpendicularly to the observer's plane (arrows that are indicated with the numbers 301 and 302). The final effect is that it will be possible to hide the side frame of the display and display images in its place. We have already seen something similar on the Galaxy S6 Edge, but the technology developed by Oppo appears to be much less expensive. Other photos have also appeared on the net depicting what, according to various rumors, will be the first Oppo device to exploit this technology. e1f180c2b75d41d58dc532afc6b8db88   oppo-narrow-bezel-2 We cannot guarantee the authenticity of this information, so please take it all with a grain of salt. However, if these rumors turn out to be authentic, many compliments to Oppo, these are the new forms of intelligence that we like so much. [Source, Source]

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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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