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SwitchBot, here are the two new devices: Contact Sensor and Motion Sensor

In these hours SwitchBot has launched two new devices on the market, perfect for making your home even smarter: it is SwitchBot Contact Sensor e SwitchBot Motion Sensor. The first is a contact sensor, the second a movement sensor, and both allow you to activate various intelligent functions for accessories and appliances in the house. As we will see in the next lines, a few simple gestures are enough to be able to trigger them. Let's find out more details.

SwitchBot Contact Sensor: features and price

Let's start with the SwitchBot Contact Sensor: it it applies to the doors of the house and offers the possibility of turning on the lights, but also other devices, such as the air conditioner (which can also be turned off once we go out) or the refrigerator.

Contact Sensor sends push notifications to a mobile device if for example a window remains open or is opened. To be able to use it you must have:

  • Uno SwitchBotBot, essential for making home switches intelligent
  • THEMini Hub
  • Uno Alexa speakers, which allows you to activate everything even through your voice

As for the price, Contact Sensor was launched on the market at the figure of 20,99 €. To buy it click on this link.

SwitchBot Motion Sensor: features and price

We come instead to SwitchBot Motion Sensor, or the motion sensor that is activated simply through the passage of the user. As soon as it detects movement, it turns on the lights, both when we walk and when we are sitting on the sofa.

Obviously, also in this case there must be the Hub Mini as well as the Bot, but also the SwitchBotCurtain. The price is identical to that expected for the contact sensor, € 20.99. To buy it click on this link.

Edoardo D'Amato

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