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The 5 Reasons to Buy the Xiaomi Mi Router

One of the most anticipated devices on the market has peeked at's offices. This is the Xiaomi Mi Router, the fantastic Xiaomi WiFi router that our Andi will review. Thank you again for sending this sample!

Waiting for Full Review, here's a reasoned introduction to us about the reasons why anyone should / could buy this device!

5 Reasons to Buy Xiaomi Mi Router

1. The WiFi signal

Xiaomi Mi Router

I can use my devices in every room in the house and regardless of the number of walls that are hanging out, the wireless signal is stable. But what if I leave a bit? I can go home, sit in the staircase ramp or in the bar at home or at the bus stop in front and the Mi Router still runs. The strong signal, however, is just one aspect of this router, it's speed and stability to make it incredible.

2. Router App

When you set up the Mi Router you will need to make a leap on from which you can download an app (available for both Android and iOS and Windows Mobile) that will make the setting of the device a little play.

Xiaomi Mi Router app

The dedicated application will also allow you to control your storage, view files, connect devices, and even download some plug-ins to download videos etc etc.

3. Back-up facilitated

Xiaomi Mi Router

One of the plug-ins that really deserves of this Mi Router is the ability to perform extremely easily, even for users to so say newbies of the theme, backing up their hard drives and saving it on storage space monstre of which is endowed, 1 Tera!

4. Connect anywhere in the world

I started installing the app on my smartphone, my tablet, and even my laptop by connecting the router to my Xiaomi account, which will allow me to log on to the router even when there is no WiFi connection. Just connect to your Xiaomi account (even if you are temporarily abroad) and you may have access to storage data.

5. Price

The Xiaomi Mi Router is a really well done wireless router that is worth all the money it costs, although the dedicated application is the real highlight of the package. If you also buy it from an international retailer at a price higher than that charged by Jun's company in China, the Mi Router would still be a bargain.

Xiaomi Mi Router - FotoGallery

Xiaomi Mi Router
Xiaomi Mi Router
Xiaomi Mi Router
Xiaomi Mi Router
Xiaomi Mi Router
Xiaomi Mi Router

Not very much our Andy should publish the Complete Review that we, of course, will report back to you. Both we and Andi want to thank for sending the sample. If you want to buy this or any other shop device, you can use the exclusive discount code dedicated to you readers: GIZXIAOMI.


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