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TSMC announces a breakthrough in creating 1nm chips

TSMC is the largest microprocessor manufacturer in the world not only for quantities produced but also for research and development. In this regard, it has just announced the success of the development of the 1 nanometer technology. In the future, this process technology will be applied to the production of processors. Its development is underway together with American and Taiwanese specialists. There is talk of the integration of chips on various electronic devices, including smartphone e consumer technology. But when will it be ready?

TSMC announces that the design work of 1nm processors has begun: the future is increasingly dedicated to energy saving

An important achievement of TSMC, in collaboration with scientists from the MIT,University of California at Berkeleyand National Taiwan University and other organizations, is the "discovery" of a components which could be crucial in the production of chips manufactured using 1nm technology. The material is the bismuth, the use of which it will greatly improve energy efficiency and performance of the new generation of processors.

A two-dimensional semiconductor based on molybdenum sulfide: when it came into contact with the bismuth between the materials, there was no energy barrier that prevented the passage of electric current. According to the conclusion of the researchers, such a project is suitable for create a new generation of n-type transistors. However, there is still no talk of a full-fledged creation of chips: identical p-type transistors have not yet been developed.

By increasing the density of the transistors on a chip, TSMC will be able to significantly increase the autonomy of the final device, while maintaining processor performance. Sadly, the company doesn't even reveal the approximate release dates for the first samples developed using 1nm technology. It is known that in the second half of the 2022 the chip maker plans to start series production of 3nm processors.

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